no threads for California?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by petrol, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. petrol

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    so i'm going to start one.

    I live in California and resent being treated like a leper by gun owners in other states and non-gun owners in this one.
  2. frenchy

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    Hi petrol i know how you feel buddy but if the members here at Gun and Game are an example of how most other fellow gun owners feel we are in good company my friend.

  3. Dragunov

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    Hi Frenchy, Petrol.

    I too, live in the PRK. I quit letting it bother me. There are a lot of good people here in Kali, but the ones that everyone stereotypes us with are the ones that get around and make us look bad. I can't really blame them much. I really don't, unfortunately.

    Others just don't want the "California mentality" to invade their states. I can't say I blame them much for that either.
  4. .22guy

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    For a while, I started defending CA against the stupid "Commiefornia" type remarks on the various gun forums. Then I realized I was getting worked up and it just wasn't worth my time.

    I think more than anything it irritates me that there are states with just as bad gun laws, but you don't see people taking about New-Commie-Jersey.
  5. grizcty

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    ^^ Agreed 100%!! ^^


    Man up buddy.
    When the majority stays silent, and quits the good fight.
    The minority takes over.

    We all, gotta take our lumps, and harassment!
    Life ain't easy.
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  6. blu97

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    I'm going to stay and fight back, besides Kansas is to flipping cold.
  7. Is that why no one replies to my questions on other forums? I was wondering whether it was because I was a newby on their forum. Well well well...
  8. Mostly people in other states envy us for our beautiful lands, weather, and women. Jealousy is a green eyed monster.

    California has its problems like any other place. We aren't perfect...but we have hope and strength and the will to last out the storm of idiot politicians. We aren't going to run. We'll stay and fight the good fight. We'll be here long after they are gone.
  9. FS00008

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    Have you ever looked at calguns?
  10. Lightweight

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    I look, but I try not to listen... they are the reason I moved my attention here =)