Non neutered wasr 10 question.

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  1. I need to know if a non neutered wasr 10 front sight block has the lugs for an first pattern east German bayonet, or if the wasr 10s never had a bayonet lug on the fsb in the first place.
  2. SwedeSteve

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    My WASR10 has a bayo lug on the FSB.

  3. Hmm... well then I guess I'll have to keep searching for a fsb with bayo lug as they seem to be impossible to find.
  4. jmp8927

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    My friend's WASR 10 has a bayonet lug and he has the bayonet lying somewhere around...I've never seen it. He didn't like it so he stuffed it in a corner and it hasn't come back out. lol

    btw its on the fsb
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  5. Ok I think I found one, but I need a picture of the actual fsb bayonet lug with a arrow pointing at it so I can make sure.

    I assume the lug is inside the cleaning rod retainer area, right?
  6. just_a_car

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    Not inside, on the side of it. If you look at the top of the blade in the pic you posted, just to the left of the tang and to the right of the grip is the button that releases the bayonet from the lug. The lug fits just behind the loop for the barrel.
  7. I know, I already own one of these bayonets. A picture of the bayo lug would really be helpful for identifying which ones have it and which ones don't.
  8. just_a_car

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    Well, looking at this site and the way they describe it as being a "barrel mounted bayonet" that didn't need a lug, it may just kinda clip into the FSB without a lug... ?
  9. SwedeSteve

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    You guys are asking about a East German lug on a Romainion rifle, accepting a Hungarian bayonet! WTF? Did you buy a WASR10, or what?
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  10. Well I'll mess with this more when I get home as I'm in ohio for Hamvention right now. I'll also order the part I found (you can never have too many parts). and if all else fails I'll rig a east german fsb to fit if at all possible.

    And yes, I love bayonets that much!:scool:
  11. billy

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    i use the bayo i got with my wasr as a flower gardening tool.
    it's great for digging out dandelions.
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    dang i read ohio and hamvention and thought we had a food festival going on........... googled it and its just ham radios......
  13. just_a_car

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    I must say, I love the look of the first generation AK bayonets over the more modern ones. The longer, sleeker look just does something for me and I think they look awesome on AK's, especially long-barreled variants such as my AES-10, the Dragunov (PSL included), and the MAK-90.