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    I had a PA-63 (marked FEG HUNGARY) & sold it 10 -12 years ago. The buyer never shot it, left it in a drawer. He was cleaning it & dropped the lever that retains the slide when the clip is empty & ask me to put it back together for him.
    It was fairly simple to see where it went so I put it back together & the trigger no longer works properly. It won't go completely through the double action or drop the trigger after the hammer is cocked.
    A clue to the cause may be ... with the hammer cocked & the slide pushed back if I switch the safety from fire to safe then let go of the slide it returns the slide into battery AND DROPS THE HAMMER. If a clip was in it would be full auto. I haven't looked inside the grips & don't have a exploded view of parts I guess that's next. Do you have any ideas?