Norinco chinese sks?

Discussion in 'SKS' started by fullMetalJack, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. fullMetalJack

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    hey I was seeing others opinions about the Chinese norinco sks. classic arms has some all milled ones for 320$ is that a good price or should I wait.i remember about 8 years ago Yugo's were like 160$, but shoot, I didn't get around to buying one til now? thoughts?
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  2. rando

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    That's not too bad of a price for one. I know someone that bought one and had a few nicks in the wood stock but metal was all good and bore good also.

  3. I think the price is only going to go up.

    Unless when a new president is elected... I don't really think its going to change much though... the days of $200 aks are long gone IMO
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  4. I paid $125 for a chinese sks a few years ago from an old guy that just ddidn't want it no more... I think they was about $180 then

    I want to sell it now because I like my ak way more, and could use the money... I would take $225 for it but want to sell locally... the bayonet lug has been removed and the stock filled
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  5. jmp8927

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    I want another SKS.
  6. jwrauch

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    Wish I still had mine. For a little more I would hold off for an AK. JR
  7. fteter

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    Paid $300 for mine last summer. $320 is not a bad price at the moment.
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  8. jwrauch

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    We've got a synth stocked AK at the shop right for $450 I'd have put in layaway if I didn't already have a Mauser put aside.JR
  9. fullMetalJack

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    Thanks fellas, well I bought it. my first sks! and I know you can buy aks for a little bit more but I already have 3. Ive shot my buddys sks at the range quite a bit over the years and it just has a place in my heart. now heres the million dollar question...... for those folks out there that have had different variants of this rifle, like Yugo, Russian, chi com, whats the most desirable ? I mean hell. they all aren't gonna be a antiques roadshow ticket, but I like to know a little about them. Ill post an unpacking video of the rifle when I get it, just to show the gun and game crowd the lot quality they are sellin right now. Im sure I will buy one more so I can soup it up but ill let yall know
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  10. gandog56

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    Most desirable almost has to be the Russians.
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  11. Tack Driver

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    Yep same here, my Norinco was $295 OTD last June. They ain't getting no cheaper sadly
  12. Tack Driver

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    Absolutely Ganny... I'd say: Russian, Yugo, Type 56, then Norinco ..... I'm leaving out a few but you get the idea. I still like my Norinco though
  13. Dennis

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    I would think
    Soviet, Sino Soviet, (Chinese assembled with soviet parts) Chinese with threaded barrel/reciever
    Yugo, Chinese late production woth interference fit barrel/reciever.
    Any Chinese Sks's with the 66 inside a triangle stamp was made for the chinese Military at the state arms factory in Mukden. Those are the best Chinese SKS's
    Later on they started farming out production to "cottage industries" and QC went out to pasture.

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  14. I lucked out and bought what i thought would be a Norinco from a dealer. He had it priced and tagged as a norinco ($300). But on pre-purchase inspection I found the Tula star on the receiver cover and all serial numbers matched it. Needless to say i took advantage of finding a 51 Tula for Chinese price.
  15. PaleHawkDown

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    I would think as far as desirability the list would be:
    East German
    North Korean
    higher grade Military Chinese
    Yugo 59
    Yugo 59/66 or59/66A1
    all other other Chinese SKS

    I mean, considering the first three would go a decent ways towards a college education, while the Yugos and the commercial Chinese ones can still be occasionally found for $350 or less.

    I saw a Vietnamese one go at auction for nearly $3 grand a few years ago, with the U.S. bring back papers. I think less than five NK ones are in America, Albanians are still really rare too, and I haven't seen a Romanian one in years. The Russian, Chinese and Yugo ones are all common enough that you will find at least one of those at the flea market every weekend.
  16. SKS NOOB

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    I myself wouldn't mind an E.G. or N.K. one. I have a Yugo 59/66 myself. I do beg to differ on the Russian ones, though. They seem to be rare to pop up due to the collector value. Chinese and Yugos are more common. Classic firearms has a sale right now on some "beaters" and I saw one that was "Californicated" for $399 in a pawn shop. Either way, just remember the capabilities of the rifle and you can't go wrong with a SKS.
  17. PaleHawkDown

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    The LGS almost always has one or two Russians on the racks, and there is usually one or two better quality Russian ones on the wall.
  18. Ive only ever seen TWO russian SKS...and I bought one of those two.
  19. PaleHawkDown

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    Wow. I knew I loved Alabama for a reason.
  20. gandog56

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    OK, I give up...............why?
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