Norinco chinese sks?

Discussion in 'SKS' started by fullMetalJack, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Alabama is awesome. Russian SKSs are fairly plentiful.
    Mobile doesn't count as Alabama. You guys are just the taint between Florida and Mississippi. You need to move north of Montgomery to truly experience the best of the state.
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    Being born and raised in Alabama, I approve this message. ;)

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    Yeah? I think YOU need to come down here for Mardi Gras!

    Let me hear you chant "Moon Pie, Moon Pie" ! ;)
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    My buddy Marlen wanted me to go with him for years. It would have been me and the better portion of a black fraternity's brotherhood at his grandma's house. I declined when I found out where in Mobile we were going to be. Mardi Gras down there goes through areas the cops avoid every other day of the year. The sasquatch-sized pink-faced guy would definitely not have blended in well.
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    AH, they go down Government, the main street, It's Bienville Square you don't want to be in.
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    For "desirability", East German, Russian, or Albanian, The Romy IF you can find a Romy that isn't half worn out. (Not likely, every one I've seen, has a lot of wear on them, but make GREAT truck guns).

    For shootability? Norinco, coupled with Komada M67 ball, Yugo ammo. My experience has been that an unissued Norinco, coupled with the Komada ammo, is the most accurate of the SKS'. I don't understand why people think the Norinco is a "corner-cut" SKS... I JUST don't see it. I don't like giving the Chinese any credit for anything, but to give the devil his due, they make the best shooters, accuracy wise. To be fair though, I'm a pretty a decent shot, and tend to really learn any rifle I own, and I've NEVER seen an SKS of any type that I would consider a "bad" or "mediocre" shooter. I have a half worn out Romy SKS that I consider the most inaccurate SKS I've ever shot, and on it's WORST day, it STILL shoots around a 2.5-2.75 MOA, with me behind the trigger. Most are 2 MOA shooters, and some are MOA shooters.

    Depends on how badly you heat up the barrel, How well you've studied the trigger, how good are you with the stock SKS sights, what type of ammo you use, how worn out your SKS is, how good of a Marksman you are... The last two, being the most important.
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    My Chinese SKS , bought in in about 1985 in a sealed bag full of cosmoline $69. Chrome bore ,its still in about 99% condition, a couple of dings and scratches, looks and shoots great !!

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    If you're just thinking about a shooter or a truck gun, the Chinese models are just as good as any. If you're looking for collector value, that's a different story altogether.

    My SKS is Chinese. My neighbor has a Russian. Mine seems a bit lighter (maybe due to cheaper wood in the stock?), but that's the only real difference. They're both pretty decent shooters out to 150 yards on iron sights - 2 to 2.5 MOA, and neither of us are expert marksmen by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Don't ask me. I've only had two SKS's. A 1956 Tula, and a Yugo.
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    Congrats! You have a great shooter there. My experience is the Norinco, and the Paratrooper, are the most accurate SKS'.
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    Old post and old thread but:

    I agree. For actual shooting the Norinco ranks high - perhaps only second to the Russians for quality of build. Back in the 1990s you could buy new unissued Norincos and they sold by the thousands. If you can find one that was not used (lots of them still exist) or ones that had any care (cleaned after shooting) they are probably still better than the worn out units shipped from eastern Europe. They also have the chrome lined barrels to help with their longevity - something the early Russians and all Yugos were missing.
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