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    hi! am new to the forum. wanted some info on where i could get a copy of the instructional manual for a 22LR norinco JW-21 rifle. i've had this item some years ago with no manual. am ready to get back to my hobby again. i have to get back to basics on rifle handling... disassembling and assembling the unit. so that it...:feedback:...hope so... thanks
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    Welcome to G&G. Sorry that I can't help on the manual but someone will have some suggestions. Enjoy the site.

  3. I can't help you either because I'm new to some guns too. But I sure would like to WELCOME you to GUN and GAME feller !

    If you'll stick around someone here can hep you and you'll also make some friends here.

    Looking forward to see'in you around...A.H
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    Since these are foreign made, it may be a little tougher, but most manufacturers will supply owners manuals at no cost. Go to this site and then go to "contact us" and then request a manual. Don't forget to complement them on their fine rife to butter up the deal... Good luck.
    NORINCO sport

    Dave :09:
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    You might google up contact info on Marstar of Canada - they still import Norinco firearms. If anyone has manuals, they should.

    I wish we in The States could get these guns new.....
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    Norinco's are often copies of other rifles, i dont know what the 21 is, but as its a lever the original is probably american, maybe someone can help with that, then you can get their manual.