NORINCO without muzzle brake?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by snipe, May 16, 2002.

  1. snipe

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    I just saw a NORINCO m1a at a local shop without a muzzlebrake or a fake flash hider. It appears that the flash hider had been cut. The nut had been spot welded to the threaded part of the muzzle brake. looks like it came from CAI. Now my question is, can I put a muzzlebrake on these rifle? Is it legal? Thank you all for the input....snipe :assult:
  2. dhaze

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    I believe that norinco m1a is an early post ban model .
    The flash suppressor is cut at the muzzle in order to keep
    the front sight assembly.If you can carefully remove the
    spot weld with out damaging the threaded end of the
    barrel, you can replace it with a u.s. GI flashhider aslong
    as it does not have a bayo lug!! If Iam wrong, please
    somebody correct me

  3. snipe

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    Thanks for the quick response DHAZE I realy appreciate it. Well the spot weld can be removed by file or a dremel tool.So does it mean I can put a flash suppresor on this rifle? I just got here in the USA about a year ago thats why I dont know how to go about this problem. The rifle looks like an overgrown M1 carbine and its kind a ugly without that flash suppresor. Thanks