North Carolina declared 'gun free zone' in anticipation of Hurricane Earl

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by drtybykr, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. drtybykr

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    North Carolina declared 'gun free zone' in anticipation of Hurricane Earl - National gun rights |

  2. grizcty

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    No worries, folks.

    Obummer has sent FEMA there.
    THEY, will be in charge.
    So it is alright, to have your Constitutional rights suspended.

  3. rwt101

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    So if you want to leave your home, you have to leave your firearms at home? That is really smart.

    Bob T
  4. State law doen in no way supercede the Constitution. NC is in clear violation os the second amendment! One cannot draft legislation that contradicts the Constitution. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL ACT!
  5. petrol

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    It's not a teotwawki sit, but it could be a g o o d / shtf. Situation. Most people don't want to break laws, even bad ones. But I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving even my modest collection unatended, annd I sure wouldn't hand them over for 'safe keeping'.
  6. waterdog

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    Are they going to suspend any aid from FEMA ? Oh thats right only pick the parts of the federal goverment that works for you , throw the Constitution or the parts that might score you some brown nose points in the Admins. favor to hell with personal rights. did we learn anything from Katrina?
  7. waterdog

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    Bet they don't get sued like Arizona(BS) because this is a second amendment issue, and those in Washington will think this is in step with thier personal views
  8. this really grinds my gears. i'm gonna be honest, if i was leaving NC because of the alleged hurricane i would bring my guns regardless....they're actually already staged. and this is the first i've heard of this
  9. Rave

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    FEMA is a branch of Homeland security,the all powerful catch all for the all powerful gummint.
    Just the way it is now.:shhh:
  10. CAV88

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    its wild to me that they can just "suspend" your rights, my rights are my rights, and if i want to carry my **** gun in the middle of a hurricane damnit im going to
  11. blaster

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    this is the kind of crap that will be the straw that broke the camel's back. I wonder how many LEO 's will stand up for the Constitution and how many will blindly follow orders?
  12. I thought most states passed new laws regarding this? Was N.C. NOT one of them?Stating they couldn't take your guns and you couldn't be refused using them to protect yourself in times like this? I thought it all came about because of the illegal crap pulled during Katrina? And we all know the gang bangers and criminals will obey this. Yea, Right!
  13. I want to know if she is a democrate or a republican. And I'll say if I lived there I would NOT obey this law, If she's up for reelection in Novenber I would dump her azz to.
  14. SHE'S A DUMBOCRAT. Click the link and look at the first name listed and what it says under it. LINK >>>> Project Vote Smart - Search Results for "Perdue"
  15. Ron I did read the story and I guess I missed seeing what party she was owned by. Thank you buddy.
  16. shop tom

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    I guess the right to keep and bear arms is a fair-weather thing................. tom
  17. If I'm leaving voluntarily under a mandatory order, I ain't leaving nothing for the govt thieving. I know the codes they put on your doors, the mark on the bottom is for dangers.
  18. grizcty

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    Come on folks.
    Get with the program.

    Your supposed to leave, Soy milk & granola bars.
    Next to the keys, to the gun cabinet.
  19. I would'nt leave my guns either. If I left them and the same thing that happened like it did in New Orleans where the law and guard broke into peoples homes and took there guns. I just can't allow that to happen. You can laugh if you want to but I don't want my guns scratched up and mishandled. I really don't like talking po po but I would come more near hurting someone for beating up my guns. And thats a fact !
  20. shop tom

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    "Attention thieves and evildoers! All law-abiding gun owners have been stripped of the rights to defend themselves while away from their property. Proceed at will." tom