Norwegian man acquitted of barking in public

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    This is strange on many why the law?, why the arrest? why it went to trial? and why it made my local tv news?

    Oslo, Norway-AP -- It's legal to bark in public in Norway -- even if you're a human being.

    A Norwegian court ruled in the case of a man who was arrested because he barked in public.

    The man barked to try to distract two of his children from fighting. Someone who heard the barking feared that a dog was mauling a child and called police.

    The man was charged with disturbing the peace, public drunkenness and child neglect. But the court said there was no evidence of any of that, and the defendant was awarded 500 dollars in court costs.

    Prosecutors say the case never should have gone to court.

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    Maybe he hadn't had his flea dip? :p