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    Anybody remember Safeway grocery stores and their Gun Brother stamps? How about TG&Y. If I recall, it was originally called "The 5 and Dime". I was in high school before we got our first Mc Donalds.(1972). We had a Burger Chef, which I believe became Burger King. The first airline I ever flew on was Braniff Airlines. It was a two engine prop from OKC to Dallas" Love Field. My dad used to send me to the Deep Rock service station, on my bike, to get a gallon of gas for our "crank" lawn mower. He'd give me 35 cents. I was allowed to get a cold Coke while I was there, but had to drink it there or pay the 2 cent deposit on the bottle. Deep Rock also had bubble gum that was one cent and much bigger than what you get today. The flat ones with baseball cards was 5 cents. Sandy's hamburgers were 10 cents and the cheeseburgers were 12 cents. Fries were a nickel. My dad bought a new Ford, Galaxie 500, two door in 1963. It was white with a blue vinyl interior. It had a 390 under the hood. My parents aggonized over how they were going to pay the $76.91 payment for 3 years! Their house note was $92 a month. Things have sure changed. LOL!
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    my friends wanted me to move in with them paying 450 a month plus a third of the utilities

    stuff just aint fair, sometimes i feel like i was born late

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    Let me share this with you. In 1977 I had just gotten married to my now ex-wife. We moved to Summerville, SC. to be close to my duty station. I was in the Navy and was assigned to Sub Group Six out of Charleston, SC. Our first place was an apt. in Summerville that was a one bedroom, furnished, with all bills paid for, .............. you ready for this? Are you sitting down? LOL! ......... $135 per month!:bigeyes:
  4. im going to build a **** time machine
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    Things from my time.....5 IN DIME, Coast To Coast, Murphey's Mart, Vals Department Stores, Full Service Gas Stations, 6 pack of RC Cola in the big glass bottles.Every thing came in glass there was no plastic bottles. The Vic-20 computer. When Atari's Pong and Space Invaders was the cutting edge. 8 Tracks, 45, 33 record players was your HI-FI. No computers, or cell phones. You had to get up to change the channel on the 13" black and white tv. Barney Miller and M.A.S.H were on tv. This thread has made me smile and laugh thinking up this stuff.
  6. TG&Y was a great store. My Dad bought me several guns from there over the years when I was a kid-teenager.
    My 1st. pistol which was a Ruger Single Six came from TG&Y.
    Even school supplys, they had it all.
    Safeway still lives, in this part of the country though ours closed several years ago .
    There's one in the town my son lives in.
    My Dad also bought a Galaxie 500 in 1963 the body was lt. blue and the top was white too. My Mother picked the color.
    It was 2 door.
    Otasco was a popular store back in the old days, before it changed it's name to Otasco it was named Oklahoma Tire and Supply.
    I had a 3 bicycles come from that store 1 was an English 3 speed and 1 was a 10 speed.
    The only fruit type Soda Pops we had to buy back then, if we didn't want a coke were Grapette.
    Organe Crush and Frosty Root Beer then came along Dads Root Beer in Gaint bottles.
    I bought quiet a few Dads root beer because it was cheap and the gaint bootle.
    The only cookies it seemed my Dad would buy was Fig Newtons...I ate so many of those chitty, gritty square things I'll not eat one today. If he did buy a decent cookie it was a sack of those big flat round things that had a hint of lemo flavior with a hole in the center.
    Anyone remember those. Jackson Cookie co. made them around here.
    And my gosh what did our parent have in mine when they came home with those foam covered cakes that were pink or white with coconut shaveings on them.
    They were gross, but the cake underneath was alright. I think there called snowballs.
    I still see thay make those things when I go into a Thrift bread store.
    In the summer's us kids practicly lived at the Boys club swimming pool.
    The clorine was so strong in that Gaint mile long pool that when we left to go home our eyes were as red as if you'd smocked a joint which came along years later.
    We could also ride our bikes any where back then, we would pretend we were the Hell's Angels back then and ride over to other neighorbhoods and fight with there pack of Hells Angles.
    We didn't even know what Pedifiles and child molestors were back then, may be because, if there was one back then the law probably weighted them down and through them in the river.
    Going to bed with the Attic fan on was a joy ! The sound it made would put you to sleep in the summer, though my Mother hated it we kids and Dad would get our way and it would be turned on some times.
    You always woke up freezeing in the mornings when it was left on over night and it was summer when you used it.
    Back then few Mothers had to work and while us kids were out playing Mothers would gather on the sidewalk and gossip while we played our hearts out.
    Some times one mom would holler your Daddy is going to whip you when he comes home if you don't stop that.
    Theres was always a kid back then with a Mother who always had Kool Aid and snacks, so all us kids would go to his house and his Mom would fix us up and some times she would make Kool Aid Pop Sickles too. LOL For some reason my Mom didn't buy Kool Aid often.
    Back then Birthday partys were fun and if you had one in the summer you got a lot of squirt guns and it seemed a war would ensue later.
    I got more trasistor pocket radio's back then and most of them were made by Arvin.
    Doe's any one remember the brand Arvin ? They even made little electric space heaters.
    I may think of more later, it's some one else's turn now...A.H
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    My first computer was an IBM PC Junior. Circa: 1983. The whole thing including the printer cost around $3,000 back then. Quite a chunk of change!:09:

    Oh my God! Otasco! Yes! Remember Western Auto? Remember Fizzies? My mom would buy them on occasion. They wear different flavored. Kinda like Alka-Seltzers! Drop them in water and you had a fizzy drink. I remember cutting off cereal box lids and sending them to Battle Creek, Michigan to get a cheap toy! Comic book back covers! Send a dime to Charles Atlas and no one would call you a runt and kick sand in your face at the beach anymore! Or send a dime and receive free "Sea Creatures"! Just add water! Brine shrimp.......LOL!
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    My first computer was an IBM PC Junior. Circa: 1983. The whole thing including the printer cost around $3,000 back then. Quite a chunk of change!

    Later on if you had 5g on the hard drive you were the crap.
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    Dont forget the PAY, back in the day.My first public job, I made $1.80 per hr. :sad2:
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    I made a dollar an hour at Braums Ice Cream. Went to work for Sterr's Foods for $1.60 an hour. That was minimum wage back then. After college, I joined the Navy. I make more money in one day than I did in one month back then.:09:
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    Yep money was hard to come by back in the day.But in many ways,life was better.
  12. smokey I agree life was much better...You didn't have all the garbage then as you have now in your head.
    People had more respect towards one another too.
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    What cost $1.00 in 1963 would cost $6.79 in 2007.

    the payments on that ford today?
    $522.22 a month

    no wonder they agonized!:09:
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    Just for reference, minimum wage was about $1.75 in the early 1970's IIRC.
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    Had an unpowered push mower (with the horizontal blades) I got the priviledge of cutting the grass with when I was a kid -- sometimes got to used the grandparent's gasoline powered one (you had to wind a cord around the top and pull to get it to start).

    Gas on the top of the hill (with the "contains lead" sticker) was 24c/gal. Our b&w TV got the dot in the middle when you shut it off. Our neighborhood store was showcasing a newfangled device called a radarange or microwave oven--to demo it the guy put in a cup of coffee and heated it up in what seemed like a ridiculously short time.

    There was also a machine which we could put our feet on and it would give us real time looks at the bones via x-ray. Probably coulda done without that :)
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    Brother about our service pay in those days when we joined up. As a young Marine Corps Private E-1, my pay-scale was $68.00 a month. I got a nice fat raise after (6) months, as a Private$76.00 a month. That's what a soldiers life was worth in those days. I accepted it by enlistment, with no complaints then...or now, as I wore a military uniform with the great pride, of serving my country. Anyone know the pay scale of a state-side private these days? :bigeyes:
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    I believe I was making a little over $500 a month when I made E-5.(Second Class Petty Officer) My BAQ was around $155 per month. I wasn't elegible for Comrats since I was assigned to a boat. A carton of smokes was $2.50 in port and $2.00 once we were under way and 50 miles from shore. Condoms were free and that's why I joined! LOL! Drank an awful lot of "bug juice" while I was in. The crew called me "Sizzlin Sundy" and I have kept in touch with a few of my shipmates through Ah, the memories.
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    Sorry, Man, no Ipod, no laptop, no pocket calculcator, no video games, no fax, music was radio, 8 track, or something called an LP

    Domino's Pizza did not deliver.

    Timex took a lickin' and kept on tickin'

    You could tell it was swell. It was a Mattell
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    It's about time you showed up, buddy! LOL! Remember Braniff Airways and their "flying colors"????? LOL!
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    Yes--remember the orange 74 as well ! Flew with a few ex-Braniff guys when I started in the AF :)

    Been out shootin' all day, and getting the Ruger apart and back together took most of what my little brain can do lol--gotta get the solvents off and help the wife cook dinner lest I wind up in the doghouse again..... (she doesn't know I have a new pistol yet, so I've gotta hide it until we reach the "always had it" stage--think she'll like it as well though).
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