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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by jwernecke, May 21, 2020.

  1. Hello everyone. Its been a very long time since I was here. I spent several years out of reloading and havent fired a gun in like 3 years. Trying to get back into everything and I figured since Facebook shut nearly everyone down this was a great place to start. I hope some of the old timers from my days are still around and look forward to meeting the rest of you.
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    Welcome back jwernecke!
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    Welcome good to see you back glad things are looking up.
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    Glad to see you again! Once in a while life gets in the way.
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    jwernecke: Sir; Welcome back :)
    I can only envision your "back'stories" :)
    Do share :)
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    Welcome back. I am a little new here.

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    Hey there, fella!! Welcome back! Wondered where you went. Glad all is well and looking forward having you back:):).
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    welcome home sir. Glad you have made back safely
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  9. Seeing lots of familiar faces. Im doing well. Spent a few years letting stress and depression run my life. But strength comes in knowing youre too deep to help yourself and taking the milestone step and asking for help. Feeling lots better these days and starting to get back into the things i loved. Started playing golf again as well. This stuff really helps remind me who I used to be.
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    Welcome back !!
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    Welcome Back!
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    Welcome back. Newbie here.
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    Welcome back to G&G. Lots of the old members that you likely remember are still here although a few have passed away. We keep getting a few new members which is a good thing, and occasionally a member like you that has been absent for awhile finds their way back and that's a good thing too...
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    Well howdy howdy stranger it has been a while and it's nice to see you back on the board again. Looks like I'm not the only one that took a Hiatus and stepped away from things for a while
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