Notes from the grocery store and they aren't all good

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  1. Most everybody knows Hubby and I are working for Instacart. That means we shop at a bunch of different grocery stores across the area and see trends in what's in stock and what's selling out almost as fast as it hits the shelves. I'll break it down by type and what I'm seeing to try to make sense.

    Discount stores like Aldi, Lidl and others that carry mostly "house brands" seem to have a fairly steady supply of everything across the board. The only things that are a little hit or miss on are paper and cleaning products. They're pretty fully stocked with canned foods, produce, baking, dairy and meats.

    Average stores like Food Lion, Kroger, Walmart, and other chains are doing well with produce, meats, dairy, baking and some canned goods. I'm starting to see runs on canned vegetables, tomato sauce, rice and plastic bags. Paper products are getting sketchy and harder to find.

    High end stores like Publix, Ralph's, are good on everything except paper products. One Publix we shop at almost daily has been nearly or completely out of TP, paper towels, and trash bags for the last month or so despite limits.

    Sam's Club hasn't had much if anything the way of disinfecting products since this mess started. Paper products sell out as fast as they hit the shelves. I checked online and more were sold out than available. Canned foods and rice are starting to get spotty, and so is fresh meat.

    Amazon, Boxed and Jet are the same thing cleaning supplies and paper products.

    Am I alone in thinking people are still hoarding? I know manufacturers are running all out making and shipping products, and the warehouses are shipping them to the stores. So where is it all going? Should we be stocking up as well and on what? Should we stock up on the things we use or include "trade goods" as well just in case?

    We've decided to worry about what we use and not about things we don't. I'm expanding my list to include yeast, flour, sugar, salt and anything else that's shelf stable I might use for baking for the holidays so I don't have to worry about it later.

    As things change I'll try to keep track of it so we all can keep ahead of the problem.
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    Good heads up, M’Lady.

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    Appreciate the heads up. We've been buying "house brand" items for some time as the stores seem to have them in stock, including paper products and sanitizers. The house brand ain't as soft as my Quilted Northern, but it still gets the job done.
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    people are beginning to stock up (us included) in anticipation of a bad corona winter. Mainly things we use.
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    Our local Walmart was "bare shelves" several times back in April-May, paper products and canned soup were slow to come back, but by July the hoarders had settled down.
    Meats were hit and miss all summer. (fill the freezer, eat the freezer, cycle) We eat mostly wild meat / fish so our supply was uninterrupted.

    There seemed to be a shift away from processed foods, single serving stuff and canned veggies, back to bulk rice, beans and cheap cuts of meat. Store brands are always low stock. (mostly available, but low shelf density, with constant restocking)

    Big box retailers are not having any problems getting product, some Mom an Pops are seeing shortages and price increases. local restaurants are revising their menus to suit more take away and reduced seating, trying to stay in the game as the health and closure warriors and local Dem politicians do their level best to kill the economy.

    Overall, here in the rural deep south, we're doing OK. Bigger cities (Trampa, Orlando, miami) are having sporadic shortages, but seem to be holding thier breath for a crash.
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    Thank you ma'am. This is really appreciated. Personally I think you should have your own forum just for this info...that is, if you don't mind frequent postings/updates?
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    To add to the dilemma, at least here in Florida, Hurricane season is here.
    Till around November says the weather man. Knowing that, it`s just makes sense
    to stock up. Bottled water, TP, can goods ,extra propane, etc.
    Grocery stores get a double whammy. Trying to keep up with today`s problems
    on one hand then here come the Hurricane advanced forces. No wonder shelves look bare.
    Now it`d like if you see it!
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  8. If the bosses don't mind, I don't mind at all. We're out 4 to 6 days a week so updates are no problem. I'll try to post what I see changing every couple of days unless there's a sudden shift in availability. If someone in different regions wants to do the same kind of thing, we'll get an even better picture of the problem.

    The same thing happens here, even though the area only gets brushed most of the time and heaven help us if it's a winter storm. They all act like it's the beginning of the zombie apocalypse!
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    I think more of the general public is catching on.
    look at the ammo and reloading supply shelves the next time your out and about.
    bet you find a smidgen of powder and about 0 primer count.
    boxes of ammo?
    either they just got a shipment or the shelf is clearly emptied out of the popular stuff, but looks good because of the 300 weatherby ammo sitting there.
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    Didn't bother opening the article, but have been seeing a "The 5 things you need to stock up on." headline, as if someone is trying to create a shortage. I wonder how many people would read the story, then go down & buy all they can find?

    For the most part, I'm having no problem getting most everything on my list the last few shopping trips. Have had to substitute brands occasionally, but nothing drastic. One substitute I will not do is on my coffee, but haven't had a problem with that.:)

    The rack wasn't as full of paper products as I have seen it in the past, but they did have several brands to choose from. One thing I started missing, even before the virus thing, is the full sheet paper towels. Seems all they stock any more is the "pick a size" type & if you're not careful, all you'll get is half a sheet, especially if you have the thing you're gonna wipe in one hand & trying to get a towel with the other hand. :(
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    In Sand Springs, a town about 25 miles from me where we do some shopping, there is a store called Cox Super Saver and another one called Super Saver about 2 miles apart. Grocery stores, 10% over cost type of thing. Everytime I hit wally world, they are out of something I want or need. I started hitting the 2 above mentioned stores. Name brands, store brands(always save, best buy, etc) are always on the shelf and fully stocked. Not just a front curtain but usually all the way to the back. Meats are on a 5 for $25.00. Not necessarily the best cuts but I am not finicky. Beef, pork and chicken on this menu. Not everything is cheaper but enough is so as to make it worth the trip.
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    Kind of what I saw today. Scheel's was limiting 9mm and 223 to 4 boxes each per customer. However everything else was open season. strangely though there was a limited amount of 38 and 380 on the shelves. Lots of 9mm, 22, 17, and other stuff.
    For Nascarlady, do you think that maybe what you are seeing is not all hoarders but some folks waking up and trying to get ahead of the panic buying that may happen if things go sideways again?
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    Was talking to a retailer today and he said to anticipate a clothing and shoe shortage this fall.
  14. It's possible. I still wonder about the why behind some of the shortages, especially of those things we know are being produced flat out, 24/7.

    We hit it hard today after taking yesterday off and the changes in terms of availability was obvious. At Aldi and Food Lion (house brand and midline stores), I saw canned vegetables and pasta and sauces that were out of stock. It wasn't just 1 or 2 brands or varieties, either. It crossed all of them. Toilet paper and paper towels were okay but not jam packed with products like they were pre plague. Trash bags were okay, so were napkins and paper plates.

    Surprisingly, when we hit an off the beaten path Food Lion, they had disinfecting products! I think it's the first time I've seen any in a while. And not just 2 or 3 on an otherwise empty shelf, but a good supply.

    I'll try to post an update Thursday. I'm not sure I'll be going out with Hubby tomorrow. My body isn't too happy with me right now.
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    Used to have a grocery chain here called Super Saver and gone now.
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    We have an Aldi here right across from the Giant food store. Aldi was located about a mile away and they moved the store location closer to me about a year ago. I have never been in there. It is always crazy in the parking lot and packed. Now the past 5 months since the virus situation it has lines out the doors. I just dont want to wait so go to other stores. We have 5 large grocery stores within 2 miles driving.
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  17. Reloading powder made in Australia is exported to The USA
    and listed under different numbers.
    Only once has powder been short here, that was when some
    states put an embargo on the way they were transported.
    she,ll be right mate!! everything else was in plentiful supply
    I even had a source to obtain berdan primers for 303.
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    a few days ago I was killing time in Key West and I went into the Sears that was selling off the last remnants of their stock. 3/4 of the store was barriered off and empty. mostly what was left was clothes. then I went to the Kmart. it looked like the "big" stores I have been in 3rd World Countries. all the shelves were at least half empty and little selection of products. we don't have a Wall Mart within 100 miles.
    from what I and you all are seeing in other parts of the Country, the good ole USA has officially entered the 3rd World.:( all the rioting in the streets, toppling of statues, corrupt Gov't run by a deep state/dictator and fraudulent elections all add into the makings of a Banana Republic. the Leftists have successfully used germ warfare to further their goal bring down the USA.:(:mad: this is what Socialism looks like!
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    much of the ADI stuff has now moved[back] to Canada.
    I use so little of it, it wouldn't impact me if they quit making it all together.
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    Thinking about it now, I have seen empty spots and not much food stocks(except for junk food) even in Dollar General.
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