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November Hard Rain Birds

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My eldest son doesn't get many days off and doesn't get paid for any vacation or sick days. He was off yesterday,maybe the second time this year. Both of us knew it was going to rain as we put the radar together ourself. Weather folks always get it wrong mostly around here. We decided to go get wet and that we did. The birds held tight and seemed to be moving through the tall grasses as we stomped the fields. This hen flew out over some thick trees but only made it in 20yards as she was whacked. My son got that one. We worked the hedge rows and another flushed towards me at the end and down an open firecut where he got dropped. The third had some trouble getting up and out of a cluster muck of briers and he was shortly hit no sooner than a few feet off the ground. We tried for one more and heard a few cackling but never seen another, so off to the truck we hiked back wet as Over all, a great day still to be out and not sitting in a death chair watching the boob tube.

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Good shooting Earl even in crappy weather. Glad you got to hunt with one of the sons too. That is crazy he dont get much time off and not paid. Anyway glad you both got some hunt time together
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If ya all had a good time well worth it. My favorite gun for pheasant is the 3 inch chambered 1100 in 20 gauge. Have a great season.
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Good job in spite of the weather Earl.
Glad your son had a day off so you two could do this.
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