Now Hillary Vows To Smash Opec...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 5, 2008.

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    Clinton: OPEC 'can no longer be a cartel'...
    Clinton's attacks on oil prices as artificially inflated, Enron-style, keep escalating, and today she appeared to threaten to break up the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
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  2. Brother Bob

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    And this woman thinks she'd make a good president. Opec will tell her to pack sand!

  3. At the rate old Hillary is changing her stand on the issues. she'll be the second coming of Ronald Reagan by the time November rolls around
  4. Man !!! She's IGNORANT !!! I feel sorry for who ever leaves the commode seat up at the White House if she gets elected !!! LMAO !!!
  5. TXplt

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    I'd like to see that ! I don't like the Saudis very much, but their reaction would be precious--"sorry, woman, your anti-trust laws don't apply on Saudi put on your abbaya and leave."

    Doesn't she realize she can't do this ? Except maybe if we'd take over all the countries ? Exactly HOW would the U.S. "trust bust" OPEC (ref. previous posts) without blowing up the countries under which is the oil we want ? As Troy pointed out, we're not even getting alot of oil out of Iraq yet -- now we'd have to invade a bunch more ?

    Typical hilary--I'll come up with some convenient phrases in lieu of a real plan.
  6. LiveToShoot

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    She probably leaves the seat up when she's finished at the commode...?
  7. lol I heard that stuff about breaking up opec. Not that it wouldnt be a bad thing in the long run but how exactly does she plan on doing a **** thing to opec? None of the opec nations are commonwealths of the us and as far as I know arent friendly with us beyond cashing USA checks at the bank lol. I would like to see gas prices go down but frankly its kind of a problem of our own making. We have a mentality that we can drill our way out of any energy problem but it is a limited supply with high world demand. Hopefully now we will either look into new fule sources and build a couple time tested nuke plants.
  8. Windwalker

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    Wonder Woman rides again. She is going to destroy Opec from her invisible airplane while using her magic lasso.
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    Someone needs to read Slick Hillary the old fable about the mice who voted to bell the cat. She is so far out to lunch, it's dinnertime!
  10. Well, why . . .

    . . . didn't she and her husband do anything about OPEC when
    they were in the White House?

    Opec is a group of soverign nations acting in cooperation.

    Does Hillary think she has international influence or will have
    international influence no other president has acquired?

    Wake up - it is just another lying liberal stunt to get a few more
    votes before the convention.
  11. Don't need to wake up! haven't really had a good night's sleep since I heard Hitleree and that Muslim fella was runnin together against each other for the office of the chief executioner of the U.S. Constitution! Now that could be interpeted as "One who will execute the Constitutional laws as they were meant to be executed (as written) (applied) with no ifs ands or buts and/or maybes.
  12. I'm waiting for her to show up with the Ronnie haircut...:09:
  13. Mooseman684

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    That's just GREAT....OPEC will say , SCREW YOU Hillary AND The U.S. and stop all Tankers from coming here....Gas will be 100 bucks a gallon if you can get it....Then around that time of the month she will Nuke Them...
    The End !
  14. roadie

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    Well, like I said...all we need is a good ole' fashioned apocalypse!
  15. TXplt

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    Better get drills and crews that don't mind drilling thru the radioactive sand (or glass).
  16. toolman

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    Last I heard, the U.S. wasn't a member of OPEC and there are plenty of other countries wanting our share of their oil. BTW, how's she going to get that done while ducking sniper fire at the White House?
  17. Mooseman you gave me a thought....If Hillary were elected I'd almost bet we'd have another Cold War or other countrys would fear she'd NUKE them . LMAO !!!

    Hey WindWalker !!! Hillary want need an invisable Air Plane,,,She's got a BROOM ! LOL
  18. Please tell me she wears pants when she rides it...

    You guys are terrible. Look what you have me doing to a respectable presidential candidate...:09:
  19. just_a_car

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    ...under sniper fire. :09:
  20. TXplt

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    At least Wonder Woman was cute .... :09: