Nra Grades For Your Candidates!!!

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    The three US Senate races I will be watching are: the South Dakota, Missouri, and New Hampshire races. All the Republican candidates have an A rating from the NRA. I really want to see Thune defeat Johnson in SD... just to spite Daschle. Talent deserves the Missouri seat after it was stolen from Ashcroft in 2000. If Talent wins, the Republicans take the Senate for a lame duck session! Time to approve some conservative judges!

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    compared Kentucky politicians, with my former state of New Jersey. Ky just about all A's in both parties, NJ just about all F's in both parties. sure glad i got out of there, with support like that NJ gun owners are screwed!!!:D :nod:
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    Let's spread the NRA voting guide to all corners of th country to help inform as many gun owners as we can. Is there a law about getting this info into local gun shops and ranges? You know, the owner just has to go to the website and print out the local candidates list to help his customers decide for themselves too.....