NRA presents seminar on media during annual convention

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    Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North believes media bias can be proved through word association. Speaking at the Kentucky Exposition Center yesterday, North recited the first part of several pop-culture references -- "Britney ...," "Sex in the ..." and "Oprah ..." -- and the crowd of several hundred National Rifle Association members quickly fired back with the answers: "Spears," "City," and "Winfrey." "Now name a Medal of Honor winner from this war (in Iraq)," North asked the crowd. Very few answered, which North said proves the bias of the mainstream media.

  2. I've always been . . .

    . . . lost on the value of Oliver North's opinions. Also, exactly why a thinking audience would listen to him is also beyond my grasp.

    Perhaps it is not media bias that is the problem with the war. Could it be that 7 out of 10 Americans in a number of recent polls have no association with the war other than the shared desire that it end and end now rather than later? Given the mortar shelling of the Green Zone on a current and recurring basis the media is not at fault for five years of war and not one square inch of secured ground to point to in Iraq.

    I'm no big fan of organized liberal media but in this matter
    Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney sunk the ship rather than the media.

    However, this is a forum so I expect other opinions will be posted.
    I respect the other members of this forum and will not post negatively about them or their opinions.

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    How could anyone read the media releases and not feel the bias against our own Vets.The media should have to go back to WWII protocol and clear all stories through the Military before they could be released.