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    The U.S. has remained a free people. That is because we are allowed to judge our President openly. In much of the Global politics judging leaders brings punishment's.
    If you are satisfied with the present leadership or not it is your decision.
  2. Jim Bridger

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    I am an NRA Endowment member and Certified Instructor. My time with the NRA covers over 60 years of direct involvement with the NRA.
    Over the years the direction of the NRA has had to be corrected and kept on course. The current leadership needs to be questioned. All NRA members should watch and be vigilant of our leadership. The NRA of late is not functioning as it should be. In 1977 we had almost lost the NRA.:usa2:
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    I'm an NRA life member. I don't like they way they treat me. In the past when I've asked for advice on lobbying efforts for certain pro-gun bills at the state level, I'm usually ignored. On the rare times they have responded to me, I'm told that the political climate is wrong for that kind of bill.

    On the other hand their telemarketers frequently call me to ask for donations. They talk about the Democrat menace to gun ownership but ignore the GOP anti-gun activities. When I ask why they are giving an anti-gun politician an A, they don't have an answer for me.

    If the NRA is not prepared to address these issues by responding to their membership when they write, then perhaps they should be giving a list of NRA positions on these matters to their telemarketers as they are on the job every **** day calling the membership.

    The NRA is becoming increasingly irrelevant these days.
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    and the NRA will continue to slide down the hill into the abyss if they don't get about making changes and quick.

    First thing is get rid of wayne the money drain. Wayne was a lobbyist who latched onto the NRA and their money. Yes he HAS in the past done alot to help the NRA all the while helping himself to a huge amount of money. The NRA needs to become more youthful and relevant to the times and wayne and the old fuddy duddies running the NRA just want to sit back and suck the money out of the organization.
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    LaPierre needs to be removed. He was never involved in shooting sports. He donated 33 Million dollars to Mr. Trumps campaign. He did not provide a strong retort to the Bump Stock Ban? VP Harris swears she will use the Trump BSB/EO to ban all manner of gun Parts. LaPierre charged us?NRA members $240,000 dollars for new suits. He then traveled Northern Europe? Has he ever visited small town America?
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  6. TXplt

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    I suggest you make your voices heard to the board and membership.

    I'll reiterate; the NRA sure has its flaws but we're gonna need their horsepower as our nation is under communist threat. So I'd be a part of the solution and not simply snipe from the sidelines.
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    That would be all well and good, if they would listen.

    The NRA has gone the way of all other large bureaucracies, deaf and single minded about fund-raising. They are closely approximating the Federal gubmint, in their attitude toward members.
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    I used to be a member but not any more and wont. Not unless a lot changes. I happened across a Podcast, Shooting Straight with Royce Bartlett. He has a radio talk show by the same title as does Tom Gresham with his Gun Talk. Mr. Bartlett is based in Florida and his radio show is broadcast on WMMB 92.7.

    I really like listening to both shows, but one episode I caught of shooting straight was dedicated to his research into the NRA. I had broken away from the NRA already, but his episode furthered my reasoning. *Disclaimer* I haven't verified his info on said podcast, BUT I had already taken an Anti-NRA stance prior to listening.

    I was going to reference the specific podcast, but I cant find it now. Have to get ready for work but will try to find and post.
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    Here's the thing; the NRA is the biggest bear, but I guarantee if we end up with a Biden and/or Harris administration trying to ram anti-2A laws up our keisters, the best we'll get from the NRA is a lip bite and a moan while they pull out the lube and turn on the techno music.

    Seems like every time there is a real fight, the NRA is in the background writing some sort of "compromise" that ends up leading to yet another erosion of our rights. Then they clap like seals over how great it is that they kept things from being worse.

    I support the NRA the way I support the Republican party; if there was literally any other choice with as much power, generally aligned with my ideals, and with more cajones, I would support them in a heartbeat.

    If GOA, 2A Foundation, JPFO, all of the various state groups, and a few of the other larger indy gun groups would Voltron into one entity, or at least form a single-lobby Confederation with the power of all those, I'd be there in a heartbeat, gladly. Same with the Republicans. If Rand and Ron, Trump, Cruz, Crenshaw and a handful of others with some brass could form a party to rival the Democrats, I'd be there so fast it would tear a hole in the space time continuum.
  10. neophyte

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    P.T.L. From a N.C. Christian org. Beggars, caught in all sorts of corruption. (I met these and know many employed by the org.)
    Setting on thrones. Too “self”; siphoning pigs, using many

    N.R.A. uses the P.T.L. program. Begging, with hordes of robo callers. (I, like many) get many calls each day-week-month.

    Wayne is a xxxxxx. Very self-Righteous-arrogance

    At other gng threads; I shared the math on Wayne pay!
    the number of members it takes for his salary.

    N.R.A. will have a place. When. New management takes over.
    Wayne has his $$$ covered.
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    I'm a life NRA member and certified instructor, and proud of it, and proud of the organization.

    It is an embarrassment they had to waste so much time and money when we needed them most just defending the organization from their own Trojan horse members. We will all pay a heavy price for allowing that.
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    Those who will not themselves fight always have plenty of loud advice for them that will.
  13. BattleRifleG3

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    Honest question, did they do much at all this election cycle? I feel like I heard barely a thing from them about election 2020. Did they expect Biden and Beto's sound bytes to be advertisement enough? Meanwhile I hear more about GOA being active on the ground with court cases. Maybe it's just my feed. Someone fact check me here.
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    The NRA texted me during the election process asking for my support. I told them, push for abolishing the NFA and ATF and you will. Since then, I took a course to be a certified instructor to make some money on the side, so I was kinda forced to join anyway. Heck, if I had the money, I’d join GOA, AGA, all of them! We need as much organized power as we can get!
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  15. PaleHawkDown

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    GOA does seem to do a lot more on the ground with a lot less.
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  16. Jack Ryan

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    GOA isn't drawing near the attacks the NRA is fending off. The left has implanted propaganda and moles to pretend they are "offended" gun owners, and join the organization just to give them standing in pursuing law suits. Keeping them pretty busy just surviving, THUS THE WHOLE POINT of the comment.

    "It is an embarrassment they had to waste so much time and money when we needed them most just defending the organization from their own Trojan horse members.".

    The left campaign of suckering the NRA's own membership in to attacking them is no different than the left suckering the dimmer portions of the general population out in to the streets to shout "DEFUND THE POLICE!"

    Envy is the easiest emotion to feed in any population no matter if it is the NRA or political party. Fancy suits, a sharp wit, or a cool t-shirt there will always be someone who wishes it was theirs.
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  17. Jim Bridger

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    We the NRA members is the NRA. As the NRA active members tried to resolve and remove LaPierre from his office we failed? All of the original NRA working staff has resigned. LaPierre is asking that we buy him a home on a Golf Course in Dallas, Txs? :rolleyes:
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  18. I am an NRA Endowment Member; I think changes will be forth coming....yes we have been cheated but we will find out WHY and soon...politics corrupted
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    K75RT: Sir; “P.T.L.”

    pass the loot

    as long as the pigs have a wallow. They keep wallowing for more
    The deeper; the deeper it gets.

    yes; I’ve put my efforts forth. Long before Wayne and group became deep set wallowers

    trust. I believe in free enterprise.
    N.R.A. isn’t “free enterprise”
    Suppose to be Second Amendment crucible

    One definition of a crucible is a vessel, often ceramic or porcelain, used for melting down and purifying metal. ... The Salem witch trials end up being a crucible, that is, a time of great testing and purifying, for the townspeople

    SOLID in repose.
    The appearance. MeMeMeMe
    Wayne set himself up as righteous defender

    of his own pocketbook

    will he sell out the N.R.A.

    his image is tarnished. His attitude is questionable
    He’s set the save Wayne $$$ train in place
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