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    Im begining to think the goverment is getting a kick back from tums and beer companies.....all these warnings are starting to make me nervous....Im sure this realy helped people calm down and get back to liveing a normal relaxed life....not to mention that Im sure it realy helped the property values out a lot. Finaly...maybe its just me and my pea brain understanding of this radioactive stuff...but IF a big plane hit a big reactor and the two go boom....I just dont think a pill is going to help you very much....course maybe I r just not understanding this stuff.... We dont arm piolets...but were going to give you this pill just incase...seems we should go for whats behing door # 3 (Old lets make a deal joke).. I say we give piolts a gun...and make the terrorist take these pills....then put them in a microwave for 1 hour and see if the pills realy work...

    Nuclear Pill

    Yorktown Heights, New York-AP -- Neighbors of a New York nuclear power plant are waiting in line today for free radiation-fighting pills to keep in case of an emergency.

    The government has increased security at all nuclear power plants since the terrorist attacks. For the first time, officials are taking into account a possible suicide attack by a large aircraft.

    And now, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is offering residents within ten miles of plants pills that fight thyroid cancer, a common result of radiation exposure. New York is the third state to distribute the pill.

    In the first hour alone, 300 people in Westchester County -- north of New York City -- picked up 12-hundred pills.

    Some demonstrators used the occasion to protest against nuclear power. They waved signs calling for the plant to be shut down.

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    Yes sir, live 20 miles from the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant that was found to have a corroded cap from boric acid leaks. People in a 10 mile radius are getting free radiation pills for just in case something ever goes wrong...makes my skin crawl!

  3. Heck, as everyone knows New Jersey is the largest radio active waste dump/landfill in the US......the glow is one reason I like to fly over the state at night when I can.

    Perhaps Joisey needs to enlighten how the residents there have lived so long without losing their 'glow' without the use of pills, he he he he.

    I also hear they grow some hell-a-shish corn and water melon in the state too and the tomatoes grow the size of volley balls.

    Come to think about it, I do believe Rosie 'O' is from there....'nuff said.
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    Yummy,yummy,yummy I've got plutonium in my tummy.
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    Dale- that glow you see in the PRNJ is not radioactivity, it comes from all the liberals and their bright ideas!!!!!!:p
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    The pills are probably just iodine supplements. They do not protect against radiation or radiation sickness. They prevent buildup of slightly radioactive isototpes in the thyroid gland. As for the corroded cap thing with the Boric acid, I have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing in the primary coolant loop uses boric acid. I am well in favor of nuclear power, but it has been GROSSLY mismanaged in the US. Spent fuel plates/rods should be recycled. The "hotter" products should be "burned off" in breeder reactors. Power plant designs should be standardized. The controls should be simplified, and it should be much more difficult to override the automatic protective systems. Most people still do not understand that the 3 Mile Island incident was entirely caused by operaters deliberately shutting down ALL the automatic systems designed to protect the reactor. They shut off the automatic fill system, which caused the core to become uncovered. They shut off the pressurization system, which allowed the primary coolant to boil. Then to cap it all off, they DELIBERATELY shut off the main coolant pumps, so no water circulated through the core. Despite the damage to the reactor, emissions never exceeded regular EPA standards and the public was never in danger, despite media hype. US power plants are physically incapable of blowing up like Chernobyl.
  7. Doglips,

    I sense from your post that you may be under the impression that a thermonuclear explosion could occur from a plane crash into an energy plant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The physics of a thermonuclear explosion require many conditions that are not present in an energy plant.

    Klaus is right on the money. I favor a scheme for nuclear energy similar to that in France. A couple of simple, pre-approved designs for small reactors that can be punched out in cookie cutter fashion and installed on "reactor farms". When a reactor needs maintenance, you take it off line and maintain it while the rest of the reactors on the farm continue to operate. In the unlikely event that a reactor should have a critical problem, it would be easy to isolate and contain the problem.

    The way we do it in the US with these custom-built, monolithic monstrosities, the only people who benefit are the construction companies and the federal bureaucrats. It is absolutely ludicrous, bordering on insanity.
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    Hate to tell you all this but Klaus came the closest with the iodien pill theory. I worked with this stuff in the millitary and as much as uncle same tells you the pills help they are full of it. there is no such thing as an anti radiation pill. you might as well take golden seal. you know the stuff everone in collage took to pass the drug tests. thats all this pill amounts to.
    It just cleans out your system of polutants for lack of a better term.
    I laughed till I darn near peed myself when I heard they where handing these out to the public on the news. (wife darn near called the funny farm till I caught my breath and told her what was so funny)
    Its all a way of keeping the soilder or in this case the public calm.
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    I dont live near any of these plants and actualy could care less if or if not it went heorshema or just spued steam. The point of the post for me was to point out how silly this is. The goverment tells us "dont worry go shopping" help the economy. Then hands out these pills....kinda dont worry but keep these close by seems to me that that would make people panic and even if they have advance engenering knowledge and know in their hart that it is safe...the goverment giveing you a pill "just in case" would create a sense of doubt.

    Finaly I find it like the training most of us recived in the milatary too be the event of a nuclear accident...boom or no boom...take a pill and it will be ok. Like those posters..lay in a ditch and the balst will go right over you. TO ME AND ME ONLY!!!! they might as well have given people a ciggerrett and match too go with it... just so stupid.
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    What was that during the 50's, "Duck and cover"
  11. How about bend over and kiss your donkey goodby.
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    Gee, thanks for caring about those of us who do live by the Nuke Plants...I'll remember that should something happen in your part of Fla. like a hurricane or other disaster, I'll say I could care less too...