NY Homeowner Arrested After Killing Two Home Invaders With ‘Illegal’ Gun

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    Shall not be infringed ! Fairly clearly worded to me.
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  3. rockman7

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    Only moment I would ever wish I were to set foot in NY again would be so I could sit on the jury!
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  4. CopperniX

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    suspected intruders? I mean I guess innocent until proven guilty but if you enter someone's house uninvited then yes you are an intruder. The **** news just bugs me the way they are now not even hiding such political slants anymore.
  5. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    Like it has been said many times before. I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. However, it is an absolute assault on out fundamental rights when it is illegal to have a gun in your own home. Once again, I will be dead before I give up my guns.
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  6. neophyte

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    K75RT: Sir; unimaginable.
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  7. Rave

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    New York,tales from the dark side.
    The dark side runs NY,they and their hord of drones are a constant threat to America.:mad:
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  8. Ten Man

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    The frightening thing is the number of communists that DO imagine it, and push to make it reality for the whole nation.
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  9. TACAV

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    Whats funny.

    The dead suspect's family puts out this statement...

    The family of Patricia Anne and Nicholas Talerico released a statement to News Channel 2 Wednesday evening regarding what happened on Tuesday, "On May 28th our world was completely changed and will never be the same. We lost two wonderful people to gun violence. We are not sure why our Brother and Aunt were in Deerfield but we can say with certainty that they were not there to harm anyone.They were two amazing, caring, and loving people we truly believe they thought the house was unoccupied. They did not deserve to die!!! The police should have been called and their deaths could have been avoided. They are also victims & will deeply be missed!!"


    Then you have this about the two suspects from the local news...


    UTICA, N.Y. -- The mugshots of the two people killed after an alleged attempted robbery in Deerfield have been released — meaning they both had a criminal history. Authorities are also investigating if the intruders had been in the house prior to Tuesday afternoon.

    The incident on Walker Road turned deadly after the homeowner, 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk, shot and killed Patricia Anne Talerico, 57, and her nephew Nicholas Talerico, 27, after they entered his home.

    Police found items belonging to Stolarczyk in another home Tuesday night. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara says police are trying to determine if the two robbed Stolarczyk's home about a week ago.

    "A truckload of evidence was seized last night. At this point, we have to determine whether or not that was evidence that had been taken from this residence on a prior occasion," McNamara said.

    The Oneida County Sheriff's Office released past booking photos of Patricia and Nicholas, saying that both have criminal records.

    Patricia Talerico had been arrested more than 20 times in the past, and Nicholas Talerico was arrested on more than one occasion.

    Both suspects were Utica residents, although they lived at different addresses.

    And this from a previous arrest.


    A Utica woman is facing weapons charges after Utica Police searched a home on John Street.
    Police says officers recovered a 22 caliber handgun from the apartment and arrested 55-year old Patricia Talerico. Talerico was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm.

    "Amazing, caring loving people" my azz... Sounds like two long time career criminal POS's who will no longer be out committing crime.
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  10. FN FAL

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    If he gets a good defense attorney and they select a jury that knows the constitution this guy should walk. That is part of the four boxes of liberty, soap box, ballet box, jury box, and the cartridge box. Once a jury finds him innocent due to the fact all the crap laws are unconstitutional it will open a can of worms for the demonrats in NY.
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  11. The_Wardog

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    Jury Nullification.
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  12. blaster

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    he should be given a medal for ridding the Earth of those two scum!
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  13. Rave

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    They could be creatures from The Dark Side? :eek:
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  14. TACAV

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    Go down to your local walmart and see what kinda whackos get off the public city bus... and remember that those are the potential peers on your jury.


    (My apologies if you take the bus to walmart:p;))
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  15. JamesAPrattIII

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    Based on what happened to George Zimmermann and Bernard Goetz I feel sorry for this guy. He probably has never been in any serious trouble with the before and now the gun grabbers of NYS are going to go all out to convict him ect. From the point of view of people like Coumo and Bloomberg this guy is a bigger criminal than a Mafia boss.
  16. neophyte

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    UPDATE- In court on Monday night, the Oneida County District Attorney's Office agreed to release Ronald Stolarczyk from jail without any requirement for bail.

    Stolarczyk's attorney, Mark Wolber, said his house has been condemned and he isn't able to go back.

    Wolber explained what happens next.

    "Our efforts to get him in a safe place and to get some of his needs dealt with so he can have his medical needs treated, have proper diet have a place to stay until we can get his house in order. He was released in his own recognizance and that is an indication to me that the District Attorney's office realizes this is not a dangerous person," he said.

    Wolber says he will be provided with temporary shelter and benefits through Social Services.

    Stolarczyk is due back in court August 5.


    DEERFIELD, N.Y. -- The Deerfield man accused of shooting two attempted burglary suspects last Tuesday is due in court Monday night.

    State police say 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk, shot and killed the pair with an illegally owned handgun.

    The incident happened on Walker Road last Tuesday.

    Police say 57-year-old Patricia Anne Talerico and 27-year-old Nicholas Talerico were the pair shot and killed.

    Stolarczyk was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm, for using a gun left to him by his deceased father, in the shooting.
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  17. Ten Man

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    It's still better to be judged by 12 than murdered by 2.
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  18. Jim Bridger

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    The Police in any Socialist State are about population control. The "Nazism" in New York would oppose the entire Bill Of Rights when possible. :(
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  19. Jim Bridger

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    It has been infringed today and yesterday. There are over 20,000 gun laws on the Books in America.
    We have just acquired a new Law the BFS. This law convicts over 900,000 legal gun owners of a Federal Crime. :(
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