nypd cops shoot at d.o.c. officer

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  1. wow. And I thought L.A. cops couldn't shoot for $%!&

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    Should anyone expect anything less???

    Heck, we can hardly get Southern cops out to the range on a regular basis...
    Yankees have a worse time because they just don't have very many ranges.
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    New York
    Yes, one would assume if your life might depend on your skill with a pistol, that you'd practice assiduously until you attained proficiency. Seems that's not the way a lot of the NYPD cops think. Every time you read about the NYPD shooting at someone, they are reported as having emptied their magazines for very few hits. I'm still getting used to my recently acquired CZ-52 in 7.62x25 Tokarev, but at my training distance of 10 yards I can still manage to put all eight rounds into an NRA standard 25 yard pistol target, mostly in the black! And I consider myself only an adequate pistol shooter when compared to the sheriff's deputies who belong to the club and can knock down all the Bianchi plates at 25 yards faster than you can say "Commence firing."

    The thought does occur to me that the NYPD ought to import Masaad Ayoob from New Hampshire to teach them how to shoot defensive pistol properly. Heaven knows that these cops are giving police officers in every Eastern city a bad name when it comes to shooting!
  4. Wait, they have no gun tolorance in NY I thought....doesnt that meen there should be no crime?! I meen isnt that what the Anti-gun community says? So wouldnt the NYPD have no need for guns then? :p
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    Yes, the city government in NYC definitely prefers disarmed proles to armed citizens -- unless you happen to be a rich celebrity. There have been a few articles lately about which celebs resident in Sodom-on-Hudson have concealed carry permits, and how quickly they obtained them. It's not the fatcat celebrities walking around with pistols on their persons I object to. What frosts my cookies is the speed with which One Police Plaza processed their applications!

    For the ordinary New York City dweller who wants to obtain a concealed carry permit, the NYPD throws up roadblock after roadblock. They restrict the hours when the one office in the city that processes the applications is open, and for much of the process you have to physically go to this office. They charge exorbitant fees. And even after you have finally jumped through all the hoops and gotten the approval of a judge for the permit, the NYPD will take its own sweet time about doing the paperwork so you can finally carry legally. I'm told the average time to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York City is eight months from start to finish.

    Yet for a fatcat the processing time, if not measured in hours, is damned close to that. The judges will hear the discussion about why the fatcat needs the permit in chambers, very casually. I've heard the fatcat sometimes doesn't even have to appear. Background checks appear to be waived, or at least the process proceeds without the NYPD waiting for the results to come back from the FBI. When Judgy-Wudgy approves the application, One PP drops everything, prints up the permit right away, and the fatcat will have it practically before the ink's dry.

    Whatever happened to "equal rights under the law?" Or is it just that in New York City, you have the best justice money can buy?
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    I couldn't hit anything with a 12lb. trigger either.
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    lol i was thinking that exact same thing.

    There were four officers who fired 20 times total so that averages to 5 rounds each.

    Two things from the SOP9 project (which is in depth stats on all police involved shootings in NYC.

    ***Gun fights are usually over after 8 shots. After an individual fires 8 someone is either incapacitated or they flee wounded or not, and whether anyone is hit or not. That and the hit ratio under stress is usually around 18-20% or something like that

    So in this case if the one cop who did make the arm hit fired the average of 5 shots he is within the average.

    Lucky for the guy too it sounds like someone did something really, really, stupid when he was drunk. Lucky for him he will live to tell about it.

    *** On a side note many here might be asking, well "I was always told that gunfights are over after 2-3 shots." That statistic also came from a large overview of NYC shooting incidents. However that stat was taken by some one who really didnt have a full grasp on stat keeping. That 2-3 shot number included ALL shooting incidents in NYC which included accidental and negligent firearm discharges as well as suicides which watered that number down when it was incorrectly applied two party shootings.

    Ill tell ya. Its hard to get good firearms training. Especially in large departments where time and training budgets are at a premium. And they live in NY after all where the liberals made them install 10-12lb triggers on all their guns.... And the 40,000 strong NYPD is the largest in the nation. With the exception of the ESU members I would think that the average cop only shoots his gun during quals. Which is unfortunate.

    I wonder how far away the officers were in regards to the man.

    One thing you quickly learn from either real gunfights or force on force training with sims rounds is that, well. 1. its stressful, and 2. people (even those who do shoot a lot) will miss a lot too depending on a lot of things.