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    March 23, 2002

    WASHINGTON, March 22 - Republican Party officials said today that it was hypocritical for the Democratic Party to accept $12 million in soft money from two donors to build a new headquarters building even as the party was supporting legislation to ban such gifts.
    "It's like the addict who says, `I realize I've got a problem and I'm going to quit, but I'll do it tomorrow,' " said Jim Dyke, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.
    Earlier this week, the Senate voted to abolish the unlimited donations known as soft money from politics. President Bush has indicated he will sign the bill into law, while saying it raises constitutional questions.
    Last month, Haim Saban, a billionaire television mogul, wrote a $7 million check to the Democratic National Committee to help pay for its new building here. Another Hollywood executive, Steve Bing, recently wrote a check for $5 million to the party.
    Both shattered the previous record for largest known campaign check, a $1.7 million gift to the Republicans from the Amway Corporation in 1996.
    "They have beaten us up over Amway for years," Mr. Dyke said.
    Mr. Dyke said it was outrageous that Democrats had attacked Republicans for raising millions in soft money when the Democrats had relied much more heavily on soft money than Republicans in recent years.
    Seventy-seven percent of all donations accepted last year by Republicans were donations of $1,000 or less. This year the figure has risen to 88 percent, Mr. Dyke said.
    "The Democrats, on the other hand, raise 50 percent of their money with soft-money checks," he said. "Then to turn around and say it's O.K. this time to take the two largest soft-money contributions in the history of politics? I think that highlights the hypocrisy that Democrats have on
    this issue."
    Maria T. Cardona, communications director of the Democratic National Committee, responded, saying: "Republicans are crying crocodile tears because at the end of our best fund-raising day, they will still raise twice as much as us. But they will be crying real tears come November when
    we beat them at the polls."
    Mr. Dyke also complained about a presentation that Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic national chairman, has made to some of the party's wealthiest donors to raise large contributions.
    Mr. Dyke said Mr. McAuliffe misrepresented the average age of Republican small-money donors; he said it is 66, not 48, as Mr. McAuliffe said.
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    What is wrong with the media,it's like someone opened their eyes.


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    This doesn't matter

    To the dems "The Ends Justify The Means". Confront a democrat that actually supports this and they will say "we have to be competitive with the republicans" or "just look at the money they(republicans) have been getting for years, they are jealous that we are getting it now".

    Let's not forget Mr. John McCain. He had an amendment to the CFR bill that allows Gambling casinos owned by Native Americans to continue giving soft money to candidates. Oh by the way John McCain gets a lot of money from Native American Casinos. HYPOCRITE!

    Make sure the stones we cast hit everyone involved.
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    Re: This doesn't matter

    Being from Indiana, I had no idea where his Soft Money was coming from, or that he added that provision to line his own pockets. This is just another reason for me to not like him. It would appear that he was so mad at not receiving the republican nomination for the 2000 election that he is bound and determined to shoot the Republican Party in the foot. I wish he would quit trying to "HELP", and just switch over to the dark side!! If the Democratic Party wants his help so badly, let them have him. This slimy SOB thinks he can walk on water because of his own power and influence, when in fact, it's the scum on top of the water that's keeping him afloat. We need to find a way to get rid of this cancer in our government. I won't wish ill of the man, but if something bad did happen to him, I think it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!! Ok, I'm done now. I feel a little bit better. And please, don't think I'm rabid. -UR.
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    Well put Uncle Red,well put.
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    How blind you are? It works both ways. In labor communties where the repub's are cutting jobs, the plants that are closing are domating ten's of thousands of dollars to the campaign of the the give to rich and take from the poor committee.
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    jgang - The Government was not created to babysit! It was created to "Provide for a common Defense for the Several States and to Regulate Interstate Commerce."

    The Socialistic tendency of the Democrats has made the gullible ones swoon and believe that the Government has the responsibility to look out for them! The Government will no more look out for you than the earth will stop spinning tomorrow!
    The politicians are in the Government for the money they can rake out of it, and more Democrats are millionaires than Republicans, because they are looking out for themselves more than the Republicans. Ask about the costs for maintaining the various Congress persons offices, which are paid by the Government. There are 600 some Senators and Representatives, and they average a take of $14,000,000.00, with the Democrats claiming one that rakes in over $32,000,000.00 just to maintain their private office in Washington D.C. and another one or two in their home states. That is over $19,200,000,000.00 of our taxes, and I will guarantee that would be enough to feed all of us for one year, but this money goes to 600 trusted people to spend as they please, besides them getting over $140,000.00 per year in salaries. Wake up and smell the roses, because they do not smell so nice!!!
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    Gyrene that aint roses your smelling in D.C.
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    jgang, Actually, I'm not blind at all. I know that there are people in both political parties that are there to do good for their constituents and the country, and then there are others in both parties that are in it to get out of it what they can for themselves and their friends. I do not care if they are republicans, democrats, independents, green, red, or purple! If these undesirables are lining their pockets at tax payer expense, wether monetary or our freedoms, then they need to have their feet held to the fire. Or if you prefer, they need to be taken out behind the wood shed and be given the appropriate dose of corrective medicine. My statement that John McLiar should join the democrats reflects my belief the majority of the republicans do more good than harm, and that the majority of the democrats do the reverse. The fact that McCain holds himself up for the media to be the savior of the political process in this country by ramming his campaign finance reform down the throats of the American people, while at the same time protecting the soft money that he receives from his "protected class citizens" is self serving and hypocritical. The fact that I align myself with the republican party and would call McCain to the carpet for his reprehensible actions should be evidence, in and of itself, that I am not blind to the situation or that I'm wearing blinders, but rather, that I have a good idea of what is going on in our political arena, and am willing to get rid of the cancerous elements, IN BOTH PARTIES, that are doing us(the citizens) a great disservice. Respectfully. -UR.