NZ Wild Pig

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  1. On the 11th of may my friend Madness got this 176.4lb sow It had been raiding the garden of someone he knows .
    He headshot it with 44mag carbine at 54yards using 240gr factory loads
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  2. Thats a lot of bacon lol. Are wild pigs as fatty as normal pigs or are they leaner?

  3. normally leaner however that pig was the fattest wild pig ive seen once it was skinned
  4. I havent ever seen a wild pig other then bores on tv. If its really fat for a wild animal do you think it was domesticated and escaped? Pigs have a important place in history lol. The US and english almost went to war over a pig. A long time ago washington was a territory held by both sides. One of the islands I believe had settlers from both countries with 2 of the settlers who had land close to each other. One day a pig that belonged to a british settler wandered on to the other settlers land and was shot when it was caught eatting his potatos. both settlers went to their governments and it almost started a war with both sides increasing their forces in the area like a ghetto cold war. After a while the british backed down and gave up their territories in washington up to I beleive the modern US Canada borders.
    Its been a long time since 7th grade WA hitsotry so thats just what I remember I did a search and found a much better summery lol
    here is a link about what could be the most important pig in history and the war that almost started because of it
    Pig War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  5. true wild pig just been feeding well
  6. yeah hopefully the pork madness gave me tastes bloody good
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    Way to go! that is pig hunting as I know it here in the states,not all of these immages of being ate alive.Do you scrape your pig or skin it?I have done both but prefer scraping. sam.
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    Sure would like to have one of those wild pigs in the freezer...looks like a lot of delicious meat waiting to be enjoyed.
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    Great pig. Great pic! Thanks.
  10. Yes wild ferral Pig's and Hog's can be fat. Atleast the many I've seen were while hunting.
  11. skinning we prefer guess we are lazy lol
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    Thanks for the pics.
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    Speak for yourself Muz :D:D

    'Normally' it's very lean and makes beautiful bacon if you know someone, in fact it blows the bought stuff into the weeds....