OAL too long for mag

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    I experimented with OAL on my Pack West "Commando" AR15. I don't know how old the rifle is, but it has the appearance of the Vietnam era M16, with triangular fore stock and bayonet lug.
    The AR turns in presentable groups for shooting prairie dogs out to 200 yards. At 100 yards, it shoots small clover patterns, using a 4x Norinco scope attached to the carry handle.
    I achieved the best accuracy using Speer, 50gr. TNT bullets, which also do a number on PDs.
    I am pulling the bullets out of Malaysian military surplus ammo and seating the TNT bullets to a depth which gives OAL of 2.311" to 2.316".
    While accurate, I have to feed them singly, as the OAL is too long for the mags.
    I will try to reduce the OAL to just fit the mag and see how much accuracy I lose.
    Any other suggestions?
    Oh, yeah. When the PDs are beyond 200 yards, I am using a Model 595 Tikka Sporter with a heavy bbl. This is about the finest varmint rifle that I have ever had and I started shooting varmints in 1952.