Obama-appointed judge in Texas fiddles with voting law to benefit the Democratic Party

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Sep 27, 2020.

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  2. Txhillbilly

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    I was and am still pissed off that our state legislature voted to do away with straight party voting in Texas.
    I've always voted that way,and never once voted for the Democratic party.

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    I can't get the redstate link to open for me. No matter, I've goteen the gist of it.

    A thought occurs to me. Yesterday, I was at a 3-gun match. One of the stages had a scenario where you shoot at some pop-up clays - and if you break them, you get a bonus of deducting 5 seconds for each one broken. The question was asked that if you shoot at them after they hit the ground, do you still get the bonus?
    The term "spirit of the game" was mentioned. Even though the instructions did not address the question, the "spirit of the game" dictates that, no, you do not get the bonus points unless you fire at and break the clay in the air.

    Republicans are sticking to the "spirit of the game". Democrats want to break the clays with a hammer before they are even tossed into the air.
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  4. mitchr

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    Personally, I don't understand the need for the amendment, but neither do I understand that if left alone, it would be a problem for democrats. All I can see is it would take longer to vote & maybe create longer lines on Nov 3rd.

    I have voted straight ticket because I knew I couldn't vote for a democrat for anything & it was quicker, but have no problem voting for each position. If the democrats are in such a big hurry that they can't vote for each position, I say TUFF!:rolleyes: