Obama bans gun imports from Korea.

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by paynetrain, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Remember in November!! And November '12!!

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    And this comes as a surprise to us WHY, given that A) the Obamination has been anti-gun from the git-go, and is the proud(?) holder of an F-minus rating from the NRA; and B) the Secretary of State is Slick Hillary Clinton, another F-minus rater whose husband rammed the most oppressive, unconstitutional anti-gun law in American history through the Congress? The Supreme Court has at least for the present cut off their ability to restrict gun ownership any more than it already is. This being the case, the anti-gun scumbags have to find ways around the law to work their evil. This is one of the better ones. Given that the Empty Suit from Illinois did this six months ago, I'm surprised it has taken this long to come to light. But I agree with Joe Brainard: remember this in November, and again in November of 2012. VOTE THE ******* OUT!
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    So how about Mitchell of Mitchell's Mauser's fame goes and buys them all. He waits a while, cleans them up some, and sells them to those who would appreciate them for a 'small' profit on each one? Uncle wouldn't need to worry about them all going to the same place at Mitchell's prices.

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    DANG IT!! I want my M1 garand!!! Though I have a feeling they won't be much cheaper than even the replicas.
  5. Good grief, hope this causes a big enough ruckus to get it turned around again. Only way I'd support these weapons being melted down was if the metal was used to build a 25:1 scale functioning M1 rifle.