Obama demands our internet records

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  1. Remember the NSA's Perfect Citizen bill? Now Obama wants all ISP providers to hand over all electronic trans actions of internet users with out a warrant. It will be a secret request, so very hard to find out about or prosecute. Just like China. Vote them out!
    GlobalResearch.ca - Centre for Research on Globalization 4th Amendment violation!
  2. he wants this, but didnt do anything over the wikileaks stuff?


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    We went from Freedom to Nanny Govt., skidded right on through Big Brother, and are NOW sitting squarely in the middle of the Fourth Reich's construction phase.:angryfire:

    When they start rounding up citizens for "security" or "health" reasons, the construction will be complete, and the America we were once allowed to believe in, will only be a distant memory.:hitwithrock:
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    This is a part of the Lieberman/Rockefeller/Snowe bill that cleared committee. It also gives the President complete control over the internet for a period of 30 days at a time in case of "emergency" without anyone being able to say no. When this bill cleared committee, Sen. Lieberman was quoted as saying he wanted the President to have the same control of the internet that they have in China.
    US Senator wants Internet seizure rights ? The Register
    From the link:
    "The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman, would amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and extend the already-broad definition of “critical infrastructure” to the Internet."
    In short, the internet would no longer be public domain.
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    Sounds a bit like a homeland security addition,bound to happen sooner or later under hysterical conditions when anything goes.
    We're here to hep youuuuu!:2ar15smilie:
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    As long as he dont tell my wife about all the porn sights I visit...I dont care.
  7. He can see my internet records when he let's me see his REAL/ORIGINAL birth certificate and his college transcripts...
  8. When will this azz hole be stopped?
  9. When he is impeached Gary, sooner or later the loser will step on the wrong toes and his azz will be toast!
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    Hell yeah to that one.
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    Earl, the way things are going and at the speed they are happening, can we wait that long. Hopefully impeachment charges can be brought in 2011 but will this be too late?
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    whats our BO supporters think about this crap???

    they sure pitched a fit over warrantless electronic monitoring.
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    Most won't say anything because they haven't a clue on what's going on around them.
    I had a HS friend who claimed to be a Buckwheat supporter...so I asked her why...haven't heard from her since.