Obama pushing for more gun control

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  2. Im not supprised, Once again his true colors are showing. Also I noticed they didnt give to much in detail on what hes wanting to do. He seems prety vague, which to me is a sign hes trying to hide what he really wants to do, in my opinion.

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    President Obama: We must seek agreement on gun reforms

    Reading what he actually wrote, you see it's not nearly as grim as some people want to believe it is. Remember, talking about it is not a bad thing. The 3 things he outlines that we should do are reasonable: better enforce the existing laws, provide the most accurate data to the background check system that we can, and make the background check system faster, but still be comprehensive enough to prevent bad people from slipping through.
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    Hmm, murder is illegal and has one of the highest punishments around. Yet, it still happens.

    Laws are not the answer.
  5. Let me get this strait, they want Sellers to provide MORE information yet they want to make it an instant check? Lol, I know people who have had to wait a couple hours before thier check went through, and they think with more info they are going to do it faster?
  6. They cant even keep the crap they have now straight, what makes them think that they can handle it with more. I was recently denied a purchase over something that was handled and cleared by the ATF LAST YEAR. The senior agent signed off on it and everything. All do to a typo on a court document.... yet over a year has passed since the pro nuc tunc document was passed by my attorney, the district prosecutor, and the judge that saw my case, sent into the ATF agent in Kansas City (very nice gentleman btw) and he and his superior signed off on the erroneous denial. BUT the FBI cant keep that information for more than 48hrs, but they can keep incorrect information for over a year......come on the system needs destroyed and a new one built.....this one can not be fixed
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    Did you apply for a UPIN, or are you trying to remove information from NCIC or triple I? It would be easier for you the get the UPIN - then in the future, whenever a NICS check is done, additional information on you is presented to the NICS examiner, based on the UPIN.

    Also, always request a phone call to NICS rather than an eNICS. The CSR will transfer directly to the examiner, who will have live data from the UPIN information. You will always risk at least a delay with eNICS, even with a UPIN. If there aren't enough examiners available to handle the eNICS 4473 checks, the system will just delay you. If the FFL is on the phone, it's a warm transfer to an examiner who will have all the info at their disposal. Much better chance given your circumstances.
  8. Yes I asked about the UPIN and they said flat out NO. That there were too many people using my name to buy a gun...blah blah..... Not even after the finger print cards and everything.... The system does not want guns to be sold to the public it is very obvious. However there are ways around this totally flawed system. I AM legal to own a gun reguardless of what NICS says. I can call the ATF Agent that handled my case last year any time and he will tell me the same. So until they fix their broken system I will just go around it.....
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    Starts out about the same as "healthcare/Obomacare" did.You remember.The bill that wound up 2300 pages long.The one we had to pass to find out what was in it. (a 2300 page gun control law? On top of the 2000+ laws we already have?
  10. I think the democrats and gun control people are running scared since the election is in 2012.
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    Gun control isnt there objective its criminal control , sadly guns fall in the wrong hands and that gives them a bad rep... a wise man once said "many will suffer for the mistakes of only a few"
  12. Yep, heard about this and saw Wayne LaPierre (Sp) on America Live with Megan Kelly today.

    I wish someone would get it right, on the pro gun side of it that is, and say it's not law abiding citizens or even legally bought guns that are the problem it's criminals, thugs and gang bangers steeling them and buying them in back allies that are the problem.

    And at the rate the Obamination is going, and I'm talking about the downward spiral of his approval rating, if he wants to put the proverbial nail in the coffin so to speak, he can go ahead and try. But odds are the Republicans won't pass it in the house and I'm sure there are even some democrats that not only remember what happened to Democrats when the AWB was passed under Clinton, but put that with what happened this past Nov. 2010, I'm pretty sure many of them won't want to open up that can of worms right now.
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    Indeed. The Republicans in the house know why we voted for them, even the Dem's know, they simply refuse to accept the truth, and go through life with blinders on.
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    He won't go after Guns in this term. But you can bet your Uncles Farm he will if re-elected as he will have nothing to lose !!

  15. Thats why we need to make sure he isnt re-elected!
  16. Can we pass a new Bill asking for stricter "Obama Control"? He is clearly bad for the country. Weeding him out would be in the best interest of The American People. Let's pass a Bill stating that Obama and his supporters may only reside in Cafifornia then we can annex CA to Mexico.
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  17. If good people are disarmed, evil people will flourish. Criminals will have full reign over us.
    The very thought of guns anywhere and everywhere deters evil. G. Washington.
    They must disarm those who would resist in order to install full blown Communism.
    Not on our watch!

  18. I'm not so sure he won't at least try? If simply and only to appease the left and to get the left from being upset with him for not doing things like not closing Gitmo like he said he would and other things the left want or wanted done.