Obama Tells Veterans: 'I Will Not Let You Down'

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    ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: At a town hall with veterans to commemorate Memorial Day in Las Cruces, N.M., Sen. Barack Obama promised veterans that he will not let them down, and spoke about veterans' sacrifices and the need for proper veterans’ benefits.

    Political Radar: Obama Tells Veterans: 'I Will Not Let You Down'
  2. Exactly . . . .

    what does this mean in terms of solid proposals?

  3. As a veteran, the only thing I want from my government is to be left the heck alone. I will not apply for benefits for my hearing, PTSD, or exposure to Agent Orange. I do not want to be beholden to some petty little bureaucrat. I have seen how the "system" works.
  4. Meanwhile, McCain was speaking out against Webb's improved VA Bill for veterans, because he believes people will leave the military if the bill helps them get a decent education on the outside after three years of active service.
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    I thought that was the whole idea of the GI Bill, was to have the government pay for your schooling by joining the military.
  6. McCain . . .

    . . . is married to money and needs no other benefit.
  7. This is going to be one hell of an election in November!!!
  8. Yep. We are screwed.

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    And he's right. I have a couple of soldiers who are still "on the fence". Even the slightest nudge will push them over....and giving them more money for college when they get out is probably enough.

    We (leadership) are being "told" to candy-coat the military so we can make our numbers. I refuse to lie to a soldier to keep them in. There are a few soldiers I flat out refuse to try to keep, and there are a few more I am doing everything I can to keep them interrested. This game of numbers is going to kill us someday. We are losing quality soldiers because the Army (probably more so than the other services) doesn't realize you have to take care of the soldier more than just dangling a carrot in their face around re-enlistment time.
  10. It's a problem. I don't think we want to deliberately lure people out of uniform, but after-service benefits have traditionally been one of the ways the military balanced out the lousy pay, 'working conditions,' time away from family, etc. Maybe if (as you mention) the services were paying more and taking better care of their people, the outside education wouldn't look so attractive.
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    Obama speaks with forked tongue on so many issues why should we believe him on this one?
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    Obama is a liar and a snake. If he gets the Big Chair, I guarontee one of his first acts will be to greatly reduce the military. He'll make Carter's and Clinton's cuts look like nothing.
    He has stated he'll work to eliminate the nukes - there goes all the missile troops, and the bulk of our strategic bomber and submarine forces.
    Yep, he'll gladly spend more tax money to coerce more troops to go 'civvie'.
    Maybe the next big "out-sourcing" will bring Mexican troops in to do our defense work for us.

    Be very wary of anything Obama promises. He has already stated, on national TV, that he'll say anything to get us to vote for him!
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    Yeah and McCain lies just as much as any of them. I still fail to see where any of them haven't lied, and at least Obama you can try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Where as both Hilary and McCain have been caught in numerous lies about many political topics.

    Show me some proof though where Obama has flat out lied?
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    I have been surfin' the political forums web for awhile now, I see many posts about people who voted the straight democratic ticket, for years... indicating they are voting for McCain instead of Obama. His (Obama's) background is apparently going to trip him up, from what I have read. McCain (though arrogant as one some indicated)...has the military background and Senate experience, where Obama's experience, and his muslim ties are being highly questioned. If I had to guess....I think it's going to be McCain...One thing for sure Obama must pick a side-kick (running-mate) that is going to pull in some heavy electorial votes. I certainly hope it's not.."The Broom Rider"? Just my opinion, though? We shall see in November.
  15. Every president in my lifetime has pledged to work to reduce or eliminate nuclear weapons at one time or another while campaigning or in office, and I just turned 59 years old.

    And Obama didn't state that he'd "say anything to get elected." He....oh, never mind. I'm getting tired of correcting that one; keep saying it if you really feel you must.:hitwithrock: