Observations from watching politics on tv

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by samuel, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. samuel

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    Lately I have been watching these political talk shows and have discovered that you can get a dicer/slicer with a few other little jewels on the side and usually if you call within 5minutes they will double the offer,commonly at $29.95,but sometimes at $19.95 (but wait a week and it will be $10.95.(sometimes with free S&H) When the politics comes on I hope they hurry so I can see some more great bargains.(now I know what they are using all of that crude oil for,to make more bargains.) I also see if I call they will send me a free months supply of that Cialis (or however they spell it).I don't believe that is quite fair as what good would a free months supply do me if it takes it 6months to activate me.(and then I wouldn't have anything to use it on)Well,got to go.I see Bill O'Reilly is on for the second time. ,,,sam.
  2. PAPA G

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    my observation is that the shows just go back and forth between each other talking over each other, no one gets their point across. what that word O'Reilly uses...blowviate.

    but what...theres more!!!! who's the blonde lady on the pedi-cat commercial. she looks cute.

  3. samuel

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    ^ At my age,they're all cute.Can't do anything about them,but they're all cute. ,,,sam.
  4. Earl Easter

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    Sam i guess all the oil is being used for plastics for those slicers and dicers.
    And try explaining the cialis and the viagra commercials when your daughter or grand kids ask...................... whats that for...??????..LOL..rotfl.......Aint an easy answer to be found......

    I just turn the tv off most of the time any more and stare out the window at the birds,they make more sense to me than any of the newscasters or the commercials.......
  5. But wait be one of the first 100 callers and get your "Free" magic dicer just pay separate shipping and handling.