October 17 in History

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    Al Capone goes to prison-1931.

    Americans win more than a battle at Saratoga-1777.

    The first resolution formally creating the Texas Rangers is approved-1835.

    OPEC enacts oil embargo-1973.

    President Ford explains his pardon of Nixon to Congress-1974.

    U.S. aid to Contras signed into law-1986.

    Serbia and Greece declare war on Ottoman Empire in First Balkan War-1912.







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    In 1821, Stephen F. Austin, known as the "Father of Texas," made a contract to bring 300 families to the Spanish province, which now is Texas. By 1823, probably more than 600 to 700 people were in Texas, hardy colonists from the various portions of the United States at that time, who settled not far from the Gulf of Mexico. There was no regular army to protect them, so Austin called the citizens together and organized a group to provide the needed protection. Austin first referred to this group as the Rangers in 1823, for their duties compelled them to range over the entire country, thus giving rise to the service known as the Texas Rangers.

    When Austin returned from his imprisonment in Mexico in 1835, a body was organized called the "Permanent Council." On October 17, 1835, Daniel Parker, a member, offered a resolution creating a corps of Texas Rangers, 25 men under the command of Silas M. Parker to range and guard the frontier between the Brazos and the Trinity; 10 men under Garrison Greenwood to work on the east side of the Trinity; and 25 men under D. B. Frazier to patrol between the Brazos and the Colorado. These Rangers were assigned to protect the frontier against the Indians until the end of the Revolution.

    On November 1, 1835, the temporary "Permanent Cou
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  3. I remember a few things about the oil embargo in 1973. Long lines to buy gas and people losing their minds when the price rose above 50 cents a gallon. And the death of the muscle car...sigh
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    From what I've heard on some news casts, from folks that should know, the "embargo" was a lie to coverup incompetence. OPEC merely reduced production (as a protest against our meddling in the Middle East), causing a perceived shortage & price escalation. Our "all wise government" meddling in distribution, rather that letting people that knew what they were doing handle it, screwed everything up by allocating what stations were allowed to have. Some places got more fuel than they could possibly sell, while others didn't get enough & manufacturers were scrambling to find places to store gasoline because the government would not let them deliver it.

    To make it worse, jimmy carter did his bit with price controls, which handcuffed American oil industry, because carter found out he couldn't control world pricing. Made it kinda tuff to buy at world prices & selling at carter prices! We had domestic production which cost less, but wasn't enough.

    Didn't help any when they reduced highway speed limits to 55, in name of using less fuel. In reality, the engines of that day, especially the big rig diesels, were less efficient at 55!
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    The Shaw was still in power in Iran at the time and said he had tankers floating around off our coast because we wouldn’t let them in.
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    information: twisted of course


    The 1970s

    OPEC rose to international prominence during this decade, as its Member Countries took control of their domestic petroleum industries and acquired a major say in the pricing of crude oil on world markets. On two occasions, oil prices rose steeply in a volatile market, triggered by the Arab oil embargo in 1973 and the outbreak of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. OPEC broadened its mandate with the first Summit of Heads of State and Government in Algiers in 1975, which addressed the plight of the poorer nations and called for a new era of cooperation in international relations, in the interests of world economic development and stability. This led to the establishment of the OPEC Fund for International Development in 1976. Member Countries embarked on ambitious socio-economic development schemes. Membership grew to 13 by 1975.

    The 1980s

    After reaching record levels early in the decade, prices began to weaken, before crashing in 1986, responding to a big oil glut and consumer shift away from this hydrocarbon. OPEC’s share of the smaller oil market fell heavily and its total petroleum revenue dropped below a third of earlier peaks, causing severe economic hardship for many Member Countries. Prices rallied in the final part of the decade, but to around half the levels of the early part, and OPEC’s share of newly growing world output began to recover. This was supported by OPEC introducing a group production ceiling divided among Member Countries and a Reference Basket for pricing, as well as significant progress with OPEC/non-OPEC dialogue and cooperation, seen as essential for market stability and reasonable prices. Environmental issues emerged on the international energy agenda.
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    The Shah might have been our pet dictator in Iran, but the Saudis are the power behind OPEC, then and now. I was in high school in 1973, rode a Honda CB175 motorbike, usually getting gas from my Dad's five gallon can. Rarely bought gas at the pump, so I didn't know of price hikes and lines. My parents never mentioned it.
    In 1976, I was in the Airforce. At my tech school at Chanute AFB, IL., I bought my first car. A huge 1971 Dodge Polara Brougham, a whopping big tank of a car, I got from a USAF buddy. 13 MPG at best, 9MPG city. Then just before I finished and was about to drive back to Florida, the second "oil embargo" hit us. Gas rose to $1.85 a gallon, and folks were saying if the price hit two bucks there'd be war! How little we knew..... :rolleyes: