October 28 in History

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    St. Louis’s Gateway Arch is completed-1965.

    Statue of Liberty dedicated-1886.

    Congress enforces prohibition-1919.

    Khrushchev orders withdrawal of missiles from Cuba-1962.

    Chuck Berry goes on trial for second time-1961.

    Leif Erickson Tunnel completes 1,593 mile I-35 highway-1992.

    German sailors begin to mutiny-1918.

    Italy invades Greece-1940.





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    Huey Rider: Sir; another marvel :)


    One of Eero Saarinen’s most iconic designs, the Gateway Arch, was completed today, October 28, in 1965. While the arch’s sleek design is unforgettable, the story behind the towering, graceful 630-foot structure is less known.

    The Gateway Arch’s design came out of an architectural competition in 1947-48 that both Eero and his father, Eliel – an already-renowned architect at the time – entered. Both father and son submitted designs to highlight the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Famously, Eliel celebrated his victory when “E. Saarinen” was awarded the design. Only later did the family realize that Eero had won the competition, and that his sleek, simple arch would be the next iconic addition to the St. Louis skyline.

    The arch was designed to celebrate the role St. Louis played in the westward expansion of the United States, and to remember President Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase. The massive flow of pioneers in the 1800’s – whether families in covered wagons or explorers like the famous Lewis & Clark – was channeled through St. Louis. Eero’s design was a marker for our rapid movement westward and the exploratory nature that has come to symbolize the American spirit.
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    Congress enforces prohibition-1919.

    The "Nanny State" rears it's ugly head.

    Note: The Women's Suffrage Movement was active at the time, and was inextricably intertwined with it.
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    That was the start of decline for the USA- - Women's Suffrage.

    (Let the skillet whoopin' commence. ;))
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    While I agree with the sentiment, I'd have to say it was more like an accelerant of the decline. The decline had started around the time of the War of 1812, due to political chicanery, and the waning power of the Founding Fathers' influence on the expanding American population.

    However, with that being said, I surely agree that the Women's Suffrage Movement turned a small cooking fire into a "whole house" consuming conflagration! LOL!!
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    I was up inside it and was in that self leveling elevator contraption up to the observation room in the top. Way cool ride and view.
  7. Watch it you two! You're both in driving range and the cast iron is all warmed up! :p
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    Ten Man started it.
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