Odd ammo at the range

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Big Dog

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    I found a couple empty cases at the range I haven't sen before. They are a cloudy white plastic with a silver (nickel? or maybe aluminum) rimmed casehead, with the stampings "USAC 38 SPL". Some type of .38 Special training load? They are shorter than brass cases, and the plastic is fairly thick, with a noticeable step about a third way down from the mouth. Are these things commercially available?
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    Big Dog I have saw some plastic cased componets that fired plastic bullets with a primers. They are made for indoor practice. That may be what you saw. Y'all have a good one.

  3. DavidC

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    i think those are training rounds for law enforcement types
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    Big Dawg,

    USAC (United States Ammunition Company) was around in the mid 1980's. They had a line of ammo that was plastic cased and made to reload by hand. Meaning, you deprimed and reprimed with their special tool loaded Bullseye (or whatever) and pushed the bullet in with your fingers. I know this sounds wild, but I tried few boxes when it came out. I still have a few of the cases with the bullets and a factory info sheet around here.

    I hope this clears things up.

    Steve G In NE
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    SteveG is right, I honest to goodness have just under 1,200 ounds of it in my shop. I bought it it the early 90's for next to nothing from a buddy of mine that sells ammo (If you need it, he's got it). He said they just didn't catch on like some people thought. Anybody want some?
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    i know this an old thred,,, but

    last poster still here???
    i have a question about the USAC .38 spl ammo...

  7. I had some in 1980, all you put in was a new primer and they shot the plastic bullet out with a pretty good force. They made a good indoor rainy day diversion, but even powered by just the primer, they'd punch holes in cardboard boxes, you needed a backdrop to catch the bullets. Been a long time, but it seems like for outdoor range use, they did recommend a VERY tiny amount of Bullseye. I'd forgotten about that until I saw SteveG's post.
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    Plastic practice ammo

    Back in 1979, I too had some of the .38 cal ammo . It was for indoor use and it used only the primer for power. It was easy to reload ...pretty powerful too. Went right thru milkcarton at 25 ft. and can also totally blow up your common pesky household mouse as I found out one day.
    Made a mess all over the wall....yuck.....
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    I remember these...it was a light cylindrical plastic thing for the "bullet" and a plastic casing primed with a small pistol primer. The ones I remember were made of Blue and Red plastic (bullet was black). Late 70's. The variant we shot wasn't designed to be used with any powder; just the primers.
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    Wow! Quite a resurgence for an old post! Love it!

    Since then, I have found some .223 Rem plastic casings too, with similar metal base. Apparently a training round - somebody must have bought a case - it was all over the range floor!
  11. Hold on that ammo. It has been made for awhile and will, in the future, have some collector value. I have some .357 mag Black Talon I'm saving for a rainy day.
  12. Sounds to me like it's something the anti's would push, you know for marking and tracing purposes!
  13. I never heard of the stuff. Sounds intresting.

    I know they make 9 mm paintball ammo for law inforcement training.
  14. southwestnut

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    I just put some of the USAC up on gunbroker...

    It seems that some people in this thread are confusing
    Speer plastic bullets that go in a plastic case with primer only
    USAC lead bullets in a plastic case with powder and primer.
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    This thread just won't die. lol
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    The Germans had OD plastic 7.62 NATO way back when. Low powered stuff.