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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Sarge, May 1, 2008.

  1. Sarge

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    I have a Garand bbl marked S-A-3-51, on top is 06535448 -40 -A143A
    Now the odd part - it has been shot considerable, But had no gas hole drilled in it.
    What is it? Some sort of test bbl?
  2. Stock Doc

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    That is very odd. It has to be a fake stamping, or a welded hole so someone can shoot single shot for hunting. Can you take some pictures of the end? Also is it full length? You have me interested in what it is. Thanks,,Rick B

  3. Sarge

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    Camera has died so no photos.
    It is a standard Garand bbl in all respects except NO gas port hole.
    There has been no rework/welding or what ever and I'm sure the markings are original and correkt.
  4. Be pretty hard to cycle the action with no gas port. Never heard of a bolt action Garand. And its not an 03 barrel?
  5. Single shot barrel??? There has to be a gas port. Pictures please.
  6. Possibly a parade/ceremony gun barrel? I talked to a couple of VFW guys the told me they had 6 winchester M1's bbls welded to rcvr and would not cycle blanks even with a Blank Firing Device
  7. Sarge

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    No photos - camera died.
    It is a standard M1 Garand bbl in all respects but one - NO gas port. Not welded up - NO gas port!

    There is NO connection between the bbl being welded to the rec and the rifle not functioning with blanks! That's like saying you can't get into your car because the passenger door is welded shut.
    I've been blank adapting Garands for reenactors for 20 years - Maby ? the BFA hole size is to large AND the gas port hole is plugged? Can't think of anything else that would keep a Garand from functioning with blanks.
  8. Mooseman684

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    It would never cycle without a gas port in the barrel...Hmmmmm
  9. Wasn't it a "common" practice at one time to use 03A3 barrels and turn them on a lathe into Garand barrels?
  10. Stock Doc

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    It is easy to cycle a op rod on a Garand without a hole. Some states only alow bolt actions to hunt. If you have a bad piston or gas cylinder you cycle by hand the same way.

    It is meant not to operate as a semi auto in this type of configuration. Rick Bb
  11. Sarge

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    Pretty sure you can't get the but end of a Garand bbl out of an 03/03A3 bbl.

    All well and good, but why did SA make a Garand bbl in 51 that made it a single shot unless it was some sort of test bbl???
  12. Stock Doc

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    I do not know Sarge to lie but without seeing the barrel no confirmation can be made on any part of the barrel, just guessing. In this case, we are not seeing the barrel and only able to go by what Sarge is saying.

    I have seen some tig welding and touch ups or reparks hide some pretty bad issues. Without the barrel in hand or any pictures it is not the whole story or the final answer. Chroming over the hole would be very easy alsowhich would hide it.

    I have had people bring me stocks and swear up and down there are no markings until I see it and show them. Somes eyes do not catch things as others will. I have had 7 out of 10 people who swear there fathers gun was a WWII bring back, end up having a post war receiver or a aftermarket one and some still argue that I do not know what I am talking about. Point being sometimes, something is missing in the story until a investigation is done.

    As for 03 barrels on Garands,, yes they did it and cut it and welded or soldiered them at the taper point. There easy to spot if you look right there where the Garand tapers into the round of the barrel. Just food for thought in my post. :werd:Rick B.
  13. Sarge

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    I've been around guns all my life. I owned my first M1 Carbine in 1955 and my first Garand a year later. I went thru the Army unit armorers course at Ft Lee Va in 1962. I need glasses to read head stamps, but not for shooting.
    WITH my glasses on the only markings on the bbl are as described. I even use a magnifying glass to be sure there wasn't something I had missed - there is not!
    Shouldn't the 06535448 -40 -A143A on the top of the bbl tell someone something??? I'm sure it was put there as some sort of identifier.
    Where are all the Garand "Experts?"
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    Sitting here fondling our Garands!
  15. Sarge

    Maby eclancy could answer your marking ? You could PM him.


  16. Those numbers are drawing and heat lot identifiers.

    Is this barrel on a receiver?
  17. I would be willing to pay for shipping to be able to photograph this mystery barrel.

  18. We use them in Britain to get round our crazy draconian gun laws. We call them straight-pull bolt action rifles. I have an AR15 & M1A/M14 in this configuration and my shooting buddies have various others, including Garands, M1 carbines, FALs, AK's etc.

    If there 's no gas take off in the barrel, it is not a Semi-auto, therefore it is a straight pull bolt action and as such, legal under British law.

    Don't know why someone in the states would have one though??
  19. Stock Doc

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    Thanks for that information as it is nice to hear you can enjoy them at least this way.

    In the states like Pennsylvania you can not hunt with a Semi auto like the Garand. But if you do as you did then it would be legal. In my state Ohio you can not even use a rifle to hunt, it has to be a shotgun which is insane as many areas are wide open country. Rick B
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    Check your PM's