O'Donnell on the "Washington Establishment"

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    Christine O'Donnell clobbered the Republican's anointed candidate, Mike Castle, in the Delaware senatorial primary. She's still trailing by double digits against the Democratic Party candidate, but she definitely has her head screwed on straight, per this AP quote.

    She repeatedly struck a populist, outsider tone, dismissing the "D.C. cocktail crowd," chiding the "Beltway popular crowd" and blistering "the ruling class elites."

    "They call us wacky. They call us wing nuts. We call us 'We the people,' " O'Donnell said, invoking conservative stalwart New Gingrich's saying: "There are more of us than there are of them."

    Personally, I think Hopper expressed the problem the ruling elite in DC faces much better in the Pixar movie, A Bug's Life:

    "There's a hundred of them for every one of us. And if those ants ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!"

    Guess what, you DC grasshoppers? The ants have figured it out. And with any luck, your way of life will end on November 2nd!
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    Yeah,but what really worries me,is she for real or just another wolf in sheeps clothing? I know we must trust someone but without a record Odonnell is only an idealogist,(no record to substantiate which way she will really vote) I really don't think we are going to be any better off.And I don't take that Palin bait,hook line and sinker either.I wouldn't call her record "CONCLUSIVE" either.

  3. They have already come out and said she misused funds for her election. Both sides are freaking, they will throw out more trash on her you can bet. Vote them all out!
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    I'd have to support her simply because the professional politicians are so vehemently against her. I mean, Castle loses to her and within hours he's calling the White House? Why is a Republican candidate calling a Democrat President and Vice President immediately after losing a primary election? O'Donnell wins the election and the Republican Party immediately says they won't support her? (Which they quickly recanted.) Major movers in the GOP like Rove slam her on national TV and then start backpedalling without offering either evidence or an apology? The state GOP party chairman, Tom Ross, said: "She could not be elected dog catcher." Why not? Why is O'Donnell so "unelectable" (their words) when her Democrat opponent is an admitted socialist and "pet" (again their words) of Senator Reid?
    I'd have to vote for the Lady simply because she's obviously got the political machine both paranoid and angry and her opponent is a known commodity.
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    I'd rather vote for an unknown than a certified political elitist who wants to perpetuate the crap we are living with, now.

    Vote Out EVERY incumbant, and let them see who REALLY has the power.
  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    I can see your reservations. We were here two years ago. The clown elected Doofus-in-Chief did not have much of a voting record, either at the state level or the federal level - and look where we are as a result.

    However, also remember in the case of the Doofus-in-Chief that all of us shooters expected the sonofabitch to push for a permanent assault weapons ban as a first step towards abrogating the Second Amendment within a couple of weeks of his taking office. That hasn't happened... at least, not yet. Yes, the Obamination has, by executive order (because Congress wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole), forbidden the re-importation of the South Korean Army's surplus Garands and M-1 Carbines. But that is about the worst thing the whoreson has done vis-a-vis the gun control he so fervently believes in. I did not expect the useless ******* to play King Log on this issue at all.

    I'd much rather see an outsider like O'Donnell in the Senate that we don't know for sure how she'd vote on issues, than some career politician who has a longstanding voting record where we'd know with high probability how he'd vote in the Senate on the issues. If nothing else, it would introduce some uncertainty in the halls of power as to how the frog will jump - and that is not at all a bad thing.
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    This election is going to be down and dirty,kickin' an' a gougein' in the mud an' the blood an' the beer.
    No holds barred'
    In Florida,Crist,independant running for senator after the Republican gave him the boot is showing papers that prove he paid for trip to Disney after the Republicans trumpeted that he used gummint money,he is demanding an apology
    Mean while Scott,running for governor has been commiting fraud on Medicare to the tune of billions,his company had to pay one and a half billion in fines and he signed the reports for 20 years,but doesn't remember any of it.
    Sink,a backstabber supporting Obama,is a Republican running for governor and has her own fraud cases going.
    We sure have a great bunch to choose from.:greddy2:
  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    I've been saying for years is that we need to change the laws so there is a line on the ballot for "None of the Above." If None of the Above gets 51% of the vote, the election is thrown out, the parties have one week to pick NEW candidates, three weeks to campaign, and then we vote again.

    Of course, we might have to move Election Day back to the first week of July so we have enough time to find a candidate that can win more votes than None of the Above, but that might be fun too.
  9. Rave

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    Sounds like a fine plan to me!:approve: