Off-Kilter Encyclopedia: More clutter for your brain:

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    Off-Kilter Encyclopedia: More clutter for your brain:

    -- There are two golf balls on the moon.
    -- The average speed of Christopher Columbus’ boats as he traveled across the Atlantic was 2.8 mph.
    -- Ellen Wooldridge, deputy chief of staff for the Secretary of the Interior, estimates that the number of times she has castrated a sheep with her teeth is ‘‘fewer than 50.’’ Confirmation of the number will not be possible until a Japanese toy company invents Baa-Lingual, a device for translating the sounds of sheep into human language.
    -- The typical American spends two weeks of his or her life kissing.
    -- In Alabama, it’s a felony to train a bear to wrestle. Training it to operate a submachine gun or drive a sport-utility vehicle is apparently OK, but do NOT train it to wrestle.
    -- In Massachusetts, it’s against the law to keep a mule on the second floor of any building outside a city unless the structure has two exits.
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    I have castrated fewer than 50 sheep myself ...