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Went off shore on Saturday night/Sunday with buddy Bob. Deep water wreck fishing, around 225 feet down! The bite was for mainly Seabass, Cod, Pollock, but I didn't see any pollock come over the rails. However, Weakfish are making a comeback and were coming up and over the rails in numbers. Mind you, the Weaks were biting strictly in the night time ocean. We boarded the boat around 8:10pm and were under way by 9pm. We chugged along and hit the grounds about 2am. Started fishing by 2:15 once the anchors were set. At first, it was a slow bite , catching fish mostly on clams, (This is when the Weakfish were doing their thing) but when the sun came up we switched bait to cut up Mackerel and it was like a feeding frenzy! Seabass to 6 pounds, sometimes two at a time! Was a great day on the water and I think I'm going to do it again on the 30th.

This was by sun up.
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Me with some Seabass.

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Weakfish, some also call it ocean Trout, GREAT eating fish!

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Bob sporting a Weakfish.
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A huge Porgy (Scup).

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And a nice Seabass!

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