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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 13, 2002.

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    Like most (all?) of you, my boss thinks Im a "gun nut" since I like firearms...guess that makes her a chocklet any case since I dont mind the strange looks and even have fun with by posting an 8x10 glossy of my pistols on the wall of my office.. In my offices its ok and funny and certinly has not hurt my promotions...yet not everyone has a basicly pretty cool boss(s) like I do.
    Same with my neighboor..I get some strange looks when I load up the van to go to the range...I always joke that Im going to a milita meeting and ask if they want to come....more strange looks...
    For me I am more than willing to answer ?? from anyone work, family ect about firearms..and usaly invite anyone to go to the range with me and my family... when some one seriously ask why so many firearms Ill mention the 2nd ammendment and that its a hobby..FFL 03 ect.. If its a silly question I give them the they are not the same their varents speach...
    So the question for everyone is how do you handle work, family, neighboors relationships (guess thats the right word) when dealing with thouse who dont enjoy or love of firearms....
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    I explain to the golf freaks that my time at the range is the same as them going to the driving range. I usually do mention that "Uncle Teddy" has killed more than any of my firearms. Several of the camera guys I work with also shoot, so we talk openly about firearms. No one has bothered us or whined. In fact the other day one of our new guys asked me "what handgun should I buy?" No militia talk here, I work a lot in DC.......

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    My boss knows I have a CCW. He's cool about it and doesn't say anything to anyone else. He might think I'm a bit off bubble,but he prays a lot.
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    I'm an electrican and my boss doesn't have a problem with me carring a gun. Some of my helper have different views. I get alot of complaints from the young and uninformed. That is until we have to go on a call at the corner of CRACK alley and prostituion lane then I become everyone's best friend Nothing like a handgun to make everyone feel all warm inside when your in the bad part of town. The same person that gives you the most grief is know looking all funny asking " Did you bring your gun today?" and just for heck of it I tell'em no. If'n ya don't like my guns ya shouldn't get to feel all safe when the sh** could hit the fan, But the gun they hate is by my side ready to protect them if the need arises. Ya'll have agreat day from the south of Alabama.
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    Since everyone I work with packs, I won't bother with the water cooler talk at my office. However, my wife works for an engineering firm as a CAD team leader. Every time I buy a new handgun, she HAS to take it to work with her so she can show the guys in the office. Almost all of the people there pack every day, and there are handguns in various places in case someone should go postal.

  6. I see my neighbors peeking out the window at me whenever I load all the guns in the trunk of the car for a day of fun. They have yet to say anything to me but I assume they dont like guns because if they did I'm sure they would come outside and ask what I had. Last month I went out shooting to my favorite spot and there was a couple that were camped nearby. I walked over to them and told them that I was going to be doing a little shooting. They were both anti-gun tree huggers and the lady said "I really dont like guns". I just said...yeah, a lot of people dont. Then I walked away and started shooting.
  7. Well, now that I'm retired I have limited exposure to the public.

    I do know that my neighbors....and I mean all of them.....have a larger arsenal and ammo cache than I do so there is no neighborhood pressures.

    For the most part, Arizona is rather liberal in their views of firearms unless you run across a media type. So, very few people hassle you if they learn you are an avid gun owner. In fact, I think most people in these parts (not the large metro areas) would think you're crazy if ya don't own and pack.

    My wife is not a BIG gun nut, but she shoots with me....knows all of my weapons inside and out and can dern sure defend herself if needed.

    She knows it's not a power trip with me....just pure fun and knowing we CAN defend ourselves if ever needed. I have her convinced that the more guns ya have the wider the selection for whatever situation....and she bought it, lol.
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    Dale,ya better be careful,with that logic you'll wind up with five different washing machines.