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    Here's another one.... Being a cop in Texas, I have to say that I am in support of the Deputy I am going to tell you about. However, this is based strictly off of the evening news.........

    Two nights ago an off duty Deputy in my town got into a shoot out an killed a man. Here's how it went down..

    The Deputy lived in apartment complex in my town. He worked as coplex security on his off time. He was called out very late at night for a disturbance in the complex. Upon arrival he located a man smashing the windows of a parked vehicle. Dude has a bat, Deputy has a Glock....Deputy draws down on him. TX use of force allows this by far.

    A fight ensues for one reason or another and the suspect jumps into a vehicle and flees. The only problem is that the Deputy is now caught in the door of the vehicle, and is being dragged through the complex parking lot. The Deputy manages to fire off a couple of rounds while being drug through a parking lot by a moving vehicle, and kills the suspect.

    After the fact.... Police have been to the apartment in question several times for domestic violence calls. The most recent call was last week when the same suspect bashed the same windows of the same girl's vehicle...

    The now deceased suspects mother comes on the evening newS and says that the Deputy, while being drug by a vehicle through an apartment complex parking lot, could have SHOT A TIRE!!!!!

    Why does the news air that stupid SH**T?
  2. Tis righteous....tis righteous.

    First, if you come out with a bat....truly a deadly weapon....and continue your acts you got what you got coming.

    When you're being drug your thoughts are on survival....the best way, if possible, is to neutralize the driver.

    I'm sure the prudent Officer's mine would not have been on shooting a tire....and most likely the angle was such a that would have been nearly impossible.

    Not being there I can only wonder why the Officer let the guy get close enough for personal contact?

    Personally, and professionally, speaking if the guy turned toward the Officer with the bat in hand, ignored orders to stop or drop the bat and continued toward the Officer...his only logical and legal response would have been to protect himself and anyone else the bat could have been used on.

    Pee on the mothers claims....every mother tries to justify their punk son's...or daughter's....actions down to the point that they would go visit the idiot in prison, if need be. Even then, "Oh, Johnny didn't do anything. He is innocent. They had it in for him".

    At least it's one thug we won't be hearing about on the news about delayed executions...stays...violation of his rights, etc.

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    Roger that Dale! In Texas the rule of thumb is 20 feet. If they are holding a deadly weapon with in that distance, you are pretty much god to go to defend yourself with lethal force. Studies (Tuler Law) show that a person can travel 20 feet in less than two seconds. That's hardly enough time to react when you consider actionary/reactionary gap. Of course, things such as cover and what not are consudered as well.
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    I only hope the cop wasn't injured from being drug by some crazy sleezebag.


    The deputy cop you referred to had no other choice but to neutralize the source that was causing his life to be in danger.

    Agreed...the reporter missed the total point of the deadly shooting. Wonder what the reporter would have done if the same thing had happened to him/her.

    To have suggested shooting the tire would have meant someone was watching too many fantacy movies.

    I only hope the cop wasn't injured from being drug by some crazy sleezebag.

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    His injuries were limited to minor cuts and bumps etc..... Again, according to the news....
  6. I meant to post this comment with the other but I forgot.

    It has to do with 'shoot the tire' theory by the mother.

    We've all seen, first hand, or on Cops, etc. of vehicle tires being taken out and the adrenelin rushed idiot keeps going, even on the rim.

    Let's say the Officer shot the tire, if...a BIG IF, God knows how far the driver would've drug the Officer before the Officer cut loose or was killed.

    Smeone needs to send that paper an insightful letter and a congratulations card to the mother.

    God, it ticks me off when an Officer does his/her job and the family, friends and media try to crucify him/her.....get's my goade.
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    Roger that, Dale. However, the media is going to say what sells. You know it better than I do given your past law enforcement experience.

    The good ole days of shooting a tire out are over in law enforcement. Plus it ain't easy standing still and aiming, let alone being drug at twenty or thirty mph! We also know that a roling tire/wheel gives a bulle one h e l l of a spin as it flings it in an unknown direction!
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    The cop stopped the threat,the best way he could,no innocent people hurt. How much better COULD he have done?
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    You put a cop's life in danger, you get shot. Simple formula. the lady should do us all a favor and drag the cop with her car (with the same results, of course).
  10. Shooting out a tire while being dragged by the car. Thats ridiculous. Maybe he should have reached in the car and turned off the ignition! He did exactly the right thing.