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OGCA show

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There were quite a few decent carbines at the show yesterday. Two of them followed me home. One was a nice DCM inland with a very nice late Winchester stock. No rebuild marks or reproof stamp. The other was a nice rare Inland lineout Underwood in a very nice Q-RMC stock with no rebuild or reproof marks. The two stocks would pay for what I have into the DCM Inland! It was a show well worth going to. Only 3 commercial carbines and dozens of GIs. :rolleyes:
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where in OH-ten was it held???
The prices ranged from around $500 up to $1200. The import marked ones were obviously the cheapest and the original condition Winchester was the most expensive. There was a CMP Inland with the bag for $1000 but that is over-priced for a carbine that cost the guy $300! There was a nice M1A1 stock that went for $800 too. Most of the carbines were in the $600-$650 range.
The show was held just outside of Wilmington which os about 60 miles northeast of Cincinatti. Basically it is a members only show with guests not being able to purchase firearms, but they can buy just about anything else.
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