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OH CRAP here we go again

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SPOCAHP ANAR, Jun 12, 2002.


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    Cop shot in Lillington NC while trying to serve warrant for felony possesion of firearms. I guess we might be hearing the same ole crap again.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Luckily with Dubya and Ashcroft It usualy dies down before someone can fan those flames...
  3. Eric

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    It's a freakin nightmare. Just bust the people breaking the law....leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lets not forget you can get a felony weapons warent issued just for putting a A1 stock on an A2 reciver.

    I'm not saying that this isn't a terible thing but that maybe this guy was just trying to do the old from my dead fingers rutine.
  5. ohh what criminal scum would do such a vial thing??
  6. Alan
    putting any pre ban parts even the stock on a post ban gun is a federal offence. this would get you a felony warent issued.
    I agree I was just trying to make a point.
    with the gun laws out there now you and I could be fellons and not even know it.
    I'm not saying that this guy was just trying to defend his rights, but was makeing a point that this was all that was reported he could have been or he could ahve just been a criminal. Not enogh info to say. I was just trying to stir the pot a might.
  7. I'm not to bright on this subject, but aren't their a certain amount of american made pre-ban parts you can add to a firearm. I had heard such for the Mak 91 to give it that AK look --Pistol grip.?
  8. Pre ban parts can only be put on pre ban recievers. if you put pre ban parts made in the USA or china on a post ban gun. kiss the kids good by and get ready to play hide the weeny with buba.
    At least thats how my copy of the federal gun laws reads.

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    The whole story!

    Felony weapons possesion of stolen firearms. The deputy was shot but the vest saved his life. The suspect is pushing up daisies. The aunt was on TV saying the same ole crap; why didn't they use tear gas or handle it different? (bc he shot an officer ya dumb a&&)

    goto to see the whole story.
  10. This statement by Colt45 is simply not true.

    The law governing parts on assault weapons is covered in USC Title 18, Section 922. Go read it for yourself.

    Essentially, the law covers features, not parts. You can use any parts you want to, regardless of model and manufacture date as long as you meet the requirements for features. For instance, you cannot manufacture a autoloading rifle with a detachable magazine and a pistol grip and a grenade launcher. You can use any buttstock that does not collapse or fold, however.

    Colt45, you need to burn the copy of the "law" that you currently have and get a real copy.

  11. Falphil
    I copy we have came in from Albany two weeks ago and says" the afixing of any pre ban devices as a part or as a whole to a post ban gun is unlawfull"
    This prety much much covers any parts the way I read it.
    If I'm interpeting it wrong and giveing bad advice on this than ignore me. but I'm not about to have the ATF of NYSP come and take my FFL because I felt like swapping a stock.
  12. It may be a New York law, but it is emphatically not federal law, therefore the BATF will not be hassling you.

    I suspect that it is not even NY law, but that someone is trying to intimidate home 'smiths. Now, if, in context, they were talking about the combination of features as provided by parts listed in the law, such as a combination of evil parts like a bayonet lug, flash hider, and grenade launcher on an "assault rifle", then the statement is correct. But putting an A1 buttstock on a post ban AR doesn't qualify under the law, unless it reduces the number of US parts to below the floor of the US made parts requirement. To interpret the law that way is asinine.

    If you can show me where the law says explicitly that you cannot swap parts that qualify under the laws mentioned below, I will retract my posts and apologize.

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  13. Hell, I understood all of that...yepper.

    I'm gonna hang out my shingle now! LOL

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    UH HUH

    The above published mumbo jumbo does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of BG's and needs to be put in the trash!!

    Can I get a second on that?
  15. Shaun

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  16. FALphil
    I called the local BATF office. And they refered me to thier legal office and so on and so on. finaly I got a body on the line to talk to not just a recording.
    They informed me that the copy that was sent out to us was not current issue and that they would send us out a new one.
    When it arrives I will check it out and get back to you.
    Since we are reading two diferent sorces of info and niether one of us knows the sorce of the others I could just as well call your interpetation of what you read assinnine but I will refrain from the know it all mentallity ( even the folkes that destribute and enforce this crap don't know its persice interpetation) So, I'll just get back to you when I have read the current issue after it arrives.
    Its not worth getting in a pi$$ing match over who read what from whom. I could be wrong or not I never claimed to be the know it all guru of gun law I can only go by what they send me and as I stated allready its my interpetation of what I read. Never calaimed it was right or wrong just the way I read it.
    But never fear I will endevore to become half the enlighten know all see all gun law guru you seem to be. and will refer all law related questions I have your way.
  17. I get mine from the BATF website and the Cornell Law Library website.
  18. That mumbo jumbo means something to me. I want to stay Carnivore correct.