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Oh My Gawd! Heheheheee!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dailey, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Dailey

    Dailey G&G Newbie

    Well, I finally did it. I finally made it to the range and shot one of my M-44s. All I can say is WOW! That thing is incredible! It kicks like a hard workin' mule. I was just going to shoot five shots to see how it felt, but after the first five I kinda lost track of things and before I knew it I had emptied the box of 20. It is amazingly accurate as well. I was expecting it to be able to hit the target at 100 yards but started at 25 to see how it was aiming, then just for kicks I shot at the 300 yard steel plate, AND HIT IT! That did it for me. I was shooting at the plate with the rest of my ammo. I didn't even need to reposition the rear sight. I aimed just a little to the right and even with the target and let 'er rip.
    I don't ever remember having that much fun at the range in my life. I gotta do that again! Soon! :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Let us all join together and sing unto our Lord....Mosin-Nagant!

    He is a forgiving and most gracious God but when angered he shall breathe forth flames and hurl balls of steel with deadly accuracy.

    Beware of the God Mosin-Nagant and draw not his anger upon thee. For he shall deafen you with his rage and burn a big-*** hole through yer gut if you get in his way.

    Enjoy, and welcome to our little cult!

  3. Dailey,

    I have been toying with the idea of a 44.

    I do believe you have put the salt in the stew for me and I'm licking my chops now.

    I do believe I might have to look around for a good one now, lol.

    Did ya take 'her' to Ben Avery?

    And, howdee, fellow Zonie!
  4. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

    Even a bad M44 is a good one, and the thrill never fades.

    Thanks alot, Daily. Now I've got that itch to go out and make big flame again....
  5. I just started with my first M44 this year. I now have 6. And I just know I'm getting more---many more! Dale, you just gotta get one...uh huh...just one
  6. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

    Rtlesnkesbite, can I use you as a reference when I attempt to explain to my wife why I need another one (or two) ?
    I tried telling her that they wear out after about 100 rounds each....
  7. Now I want one.
  8. Yup, you can use me as a reference James. I think if your wife sees a half dozen Mosins all hanging on the wall or above the fireplace she will say "Oh my. Those are pretty. Can we get more?"
  9. Dailey

    Dailey G&G Newbie

    No, I went to Usery Park as I live in E. Mesa. One of the benefits to working nights is that you can have the range all to yourself in the middle of the day. Check the sale ads at BIG5 for M-44s. They are on sale a lot for $49. The day after Thanksgiving they were $29 and I kick myself every time I think about it for not getting a dozen or so. I can't wait for the next gun show so I can get a can or two of ammo. I think I'm gonna like this.
  10. bowser

    bowser G&G Newbie

    Hey Daily, if you're not opposed to internet purchases, AIM surplus has cases of Russian mil-surp ammo, 600+ rounds for 50.00+ shipping. Others on this forum have nothing but good to say 'bout the russian ammo. If you wanted to, I'm pretty sure you can call them and order the ammo as well.
  11. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Welcome to the dark side. If you loved the M44 then the 91/30 will be pure lust. The longer heaver Mosin has 1/2 the kick and more accuricy. My first Mosin was the 91/30...(For some reason I feel like Im getting the # wrong) and I would read post about the kick and fireball...I would post their is none...and a debate would result. The M44 is a carbine. The longer Mosin dont produce the fireball and muzzle blast thatget people asking what in the world are you shooting.
    The ONLY down side to the Mosin-Nagants is the addictive find your self picking up a few "on sale" and then a few tins of thing you know you end up looking like the Stalingrad armory. :)

    One warning for you....range snobs realy get mad when you start outshooting thier super duper, free floating, 1 oz trigered, big $$ rifle with a $50 Mosin useing surplus ammo.....

    If you shoot at a public range and want to have some fun..........get as far from the others useing the 10 ft or a 22 cal. bolt action down near you...shoot the M44..quickly pick up the 22 and go "Wow these new CCI shells Rock"....
  12. Dailey,

    Well, I took a short trip down the road to Phoenix and visited the Big 5 at 19th and Bell Rd.

    Found me a M44 for $55.

    I would've made a side stop at Avery but Big 5 didn't have the ammo. But, I didn't feel like riding all over the valley finding some. So, I came home with it.

    Now, I gotta tell you, I have probably the most forgiving and cool wife a person could want but I hinged on telling her about the gun at first. You see, it seems like every time I go, even just for ammo, I'm coming home with a new toy.

    But, when I told her, she just smiled and said, "Cool."

    The gun isn't much to look at...I'll admit. It has a very well used stock and it's mismatched on numbers. It lacks it's cleaning rod. But the bore, bolt and metal seems to be in good shape. I figured..hey, if I like it then I can build the collection with better ones when I see them.

    I might do some work on the stock and see how it comes out. I'm still toying with the idea and how to go about it.

    We need to make a run to Prescott Valley this weekend or Monday and I can have some one look it over for safety and pick up some ammo then. I sure can't wait to put some lead out the chute.
  13. Ron Y

    Ron Y G&G Newbie

    After reading your post I just had to go to the local Big 5. It turns out they were having a sale on M44's and I picked up a Polish model for $59.95. The exterior metal was in very good shape/finish and the stock had the usual dings and handling marks. Mis-matched bolt and the barrel had too much grease to check closely. We have a 10 day waiting period here so next week I will pick up a can of ammo at the gun show.
  14. Wish they had the Polish here in Tucson. All they carry are the Bulgarian. They had Romanians advertised and when I went to look they turned out to be Bulgarians. Since the people at Big 5 dont know the difference between a BMG and a .22, I pointed out that their ad was wrong. Their ad was pulled and I'd like to think I was partially responsible for it. Still have good prices there though. They just need smarter people.
  15. Congrats Ron Y...fer sure.

    From what I have read here from the past several months I can't wait to run a few through it.

    Mine is actually a Hungarian model. Dang, I hope that don't fall in the same range as Snakesbite's idea of a Bulgarian since I actually know very dang little about them.

    Mine had a lot of cosmo coating...but they cleaned it off fairly well.

    The bolt looked like the dipped it in oil and drip dried it.

    Mine has the usual dings and dents on the stock, also. But, it appears, from what I can tell, to be a good solid gun. One thing I noticed is the lack of a safety (or at least I sure couldn't find one). You can gently lower the firing pin forward and cock it with thumb and fore finger later but that seems like a very 'weak' (bad feature) safety.

    The one thing I found interesting is that it came with spike bayonet and I thought the Chinese were favorites of the spike and Europeans were fond of a blade bayonet.

    Which brings me to a the barrel mine was made in it legal to leave the bayonet on it? I know my SKS came with one but I was told it was illegal to leave on....don't know.

    Also, if someone can lead me into a direction for a 44 manual I would appreciate it or if someone has a downloaded copy they wish to share....please let me know. I got the bolt apart and it took me the better half of two hours to get it back together. I just hope they had the engineering foresight and insight to make sure it could only be put back one way, lol.
  16. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

    The Mosin Safety: With the bolt closed (and cocked), pull back on the striker and twist it to the left about 30 degrees (takes a fairly substantial amount of force). It will remain there if you let go. That's the safety. The rifle will not (should not) fire with the striker in that position and the bolt will be locked as well.
    About the easiest way for me to place the rifle on safe is to cradle the butt in my right elbow, pull the striker back, and twist it to the left while holding the rifle with my left hand.
  17. I meant Hungarian. Got the Bulgarian thing in my head while looking at the Makarov. Now I gotta start thinking czeck. Got me one of those yesterday. Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian.....hey, give me a break. They all sound the same!!!!! I also have a 1953 Hungarian. Its 100% legal to have the bayonet since its C&R. As for the SKS, I bet it is legal or it would have been removed. You could bring the SKS to sheriff Joe Arpaio and ask him......
  18. Stew

    Stew G&G Newbie

    I not only have one of the 44's, but I also purchased one of the Finnish M-39's. It is every thing the 44 is and a lot more. It has a heavier barrel, mine was made by Sako, which is also shorter than the 91's or 91/30's, different designed stock also. Seems the Finn's took a bunch of 91's away from the Russians at the end of a war they had with them and took them home and rebuilt them, worked them over some also. Action is a bit smoother than my 44 and it shoots better also. Just thought I'd throw this in the mix. Happy shooting guys. Stew.
  19. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

  20. Dang Stew! Now ya got me drooling again and my wife has no idea....I bet she thinks I'm looking at a porn sight, he he he he.

    James....muchas gracias, senor....fer sure. The safety works...although I still think it's a poorly designed safety. The site looks interesting.

    And a hardy welcome to both of you...yepper. We do a lot of BSing in here but one thing about this forum is we share vital info....and glad to see you both do too. Welcome aboard.

    We do a lot of BSing in here but we also are quick to share vital info....nice to see you are too and I hope we'all might be of some help to you in the future.

    Now Snakebite, are you trying to tell me the Hungarian is a pizz poor 44? If so, well, (I got it now, lol)....wasn't sure....your post was a little confusing on what you were trying to get across.

    I found a site where the guy sure seemed to have a lot of info and knowlege on all the Mosin-Nagant types made and he compares the Hungarian equally in quality to the, now I'm really confused but that's about normal for me.....yepper....fer sure.
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