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  1. Just sitting here and got bored so I went to the local dealer to see what he had. Walked out with a Tula 91/30 dated 1926. This gun is absolutely perfect! NO dings in the wood and no scratches on the metal. The blueing is 100% and all matching numbers. It even came with a bayonet, sling, ammo pouch and oil bottles. It still has the red varnish on the metal for the sling holes. I would have bought it just for the bayonet alone since they are hard to find at a reasonable price. Even the bayonet has matching numbers. All the proof markings on the receiver are crystal clear and the bolt is the smoothest and shiniest of all my Mosin's. I spent hours polishing the bolt and handle on my M44 and it still doesnt look as nice as this one does. According to the Mosin-Nagant.net website, it appears to be a converted Dragoon rifle because of the proof marks and the C.C.C.P. mark. If so, it looks like it has been stored every since the conversion. I only have one problem. I cant display it above my fireplace because with the bayonet attached, its too long and wont fit!!:D
  2. I was wrong. Its NOT a converted dragoon.

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    God works in mysterious ways. That would be one I WOULDN"T change. Sounds like you found a winner. I wouldn't touch it (besides a few rounds down range). That, if it's not worth much, oughta be worth at least ALOT of stories. Snake, I think you did great! You lucky, whatever. Good shooting bro!
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  5. ^5...sounds great.

    Did ya get it around Tucson or in Phoenix?

    Let us know how the thang shoots, dude....yepper.
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    nice pick up snake, i can't squeeze any more in my safe, need a bigger one. where in AZ do you call home??? i spent an eternity one year at Ft. Huachuca!!!! actually wasn't that bad.:rolleyes:
  7. Papa G.. I call Tucson home. I been to Ft. Huachuaca many times. Its real pretty there if you get up in the mountains. Went deer hunting there many years ago. saw lots of deer but no bucks.
    I picked up the gun in Tucson at West of the Pecos. The whole store isnt much more than 500 square feet but they have guns from floor to ceiling. LOTS of choices there. Was going to buy a 10-22 stainless with synthetic stock until I saw the Tula. I just had to have it. I'm not going to refinish this one at all. I want to keep it just as it is. Except for my unissued M44, this is the only other M/N that doesnt need any touch up blueing or wood work. I still am shocked at the perfect condition of a 75 year old Mosin!

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    Rattlesnakebite; I feel your pain!

    just send that old and too long rifle to me and I will make sure I find a place for it to fit. No need to thank me always willing to help out a friend.