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    Well perhaps the new 6.8 SPC might get an extra boost here.

    But yea it is kinda ridiculous that our military doesnt use hollowpoints when the law enforcment that protect our own citizens do.

    Its not like a terrorist or insurgent is going to worry about what any convention says about what kind of bullet they can use.

  2. Somehow, . . . .

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    The FMJ ammo the military and most police departments use preforms very well. The attached pics show the 55gr and 62gr ammo in ballistic gel. You can see how the bullet yaws and fragments.

    As was explained to me by an expert, on a round this small the HP or ballistic tip don't cause the same mushrooming that they do on larger bullets. All those do is move the weight farther back for accuracy and to increase the tumbling effect.

    I personally like the Hornady TAP ammo. I have a mag loaded with this that I would grab first, but the backup mags will all be XM193 mil-spec 55gr fmj.

    and FYI, as far as rifle bullets go, all of the law enforcement officers I've talked with have to use FMJ ammo in their rifles. I'm not saying there aren't departments that require/allow hp or ballistic tip ammo, but many require FMJ.

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    The Geneva Convention, which the United States seems to be the only signing country to abide by it, outlaws the use of hollow points for war. I know...sounds pretty ridiculous. The genius' who drafted this useless POC decided that FMJ would not mutilate a body as much as an HP...they wanted a clean entry wound; BUT mortors, artillery, grenades, and other items that would blow a body apart are ok...go figure!
    They also came up with a set of "rules of war". As I told a Major (lawyer type) giving a lecture on the rules-of-war, "Sir, when the bullets start flying...the rules are out the window!" heh, heh, he didn't like that much.

    The best bullet for combat is one that's bigger and badder than your opponent's.
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    Whoever wrote that article does not know the first thing about ballistics.

    Jarhead. You are thinking of the Hague conventions of 1899 and 1907.

    We can and do use some HPs like the MK262, and we can use any round we want against non signatory parties, if they do not follow the conventions.

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