oh those STINKING badgers.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lyon, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Dew and I went out yesterday, south of town to sight in some guns, and shoot at a ground squirell or two. It's been snowing off and on, but in between storms the sun comes out and a squirell or two will pop up. Bang! Ok, no dead ones yesterday, to cold. There was however a nice sized badger also out hunting for squirrels. I saw something moving about 200 yards away, just the other side of an old badger hole. I looked through my scope on my 22 and saw dirt flyin, then saw him. The storm was coming right at us with about 15-20 mi/hr wind in our face, crosswind to the badger. Dew and I both had only 22's and decided larger firepower was needed. I sneaked out of the pickup to the back and got my 308 which I brought along just in case. Not in case I saw a badger but just in case. When I came from around the pickup he saw me and hid behind a mound. I got into the prone position and watched him peek over the mound at me untill he felt good enough to get back at it and bang! About 20lbs. I thought he was a lot bigger. He was STINKING VERY BADDLY!!!! When I got home I went to put my guns away and STUNK UP THE HOUSE with my rifle as I had poked the badger with it to make sure he was dead. Skunk with a different costume!
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    I never shot a badger to see how bad they stink, but anyone ever down a porcupine? Trust me, it is terrible. I have seen a few fall down to the earth with a little motivation(handguns & shotguns). Don't shoot them...just because they smell so bad.

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    Whew! Never cut open a wild 'possum! Brought tears to my eyes as I bagged the bugger into a trashbag. Don't see how anyone could eat one of these. Wickedest set of teeth I've ever seen onna rat. 'Course I was sticking him with a katana at the time. Didn't want to wake the neighbors with a gunshot.
    The second one, I used a .22 Colibri. Big mistake, he shook it off and ran. Got some Aguila SSS for the next time! 'possum is a rat on steroids! Tough guys. :p
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    I had one living under the barn, and the little SOB would come out to attack my 2 (large) dogs. Got fed up and took him out with one shot at about 85 yards with British .303.

    Big mistake. He exploded, wound up all over the side of the barn. The stench was unbelievable for about 2 weeks.
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    Learned the hard way if your're going to kill a skunk,you have to do it immediatley,before they can clinch their muscles,had one near the chicken coop,made gathering eggs hard for awhile.:D
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    After reading this thread, those surplus gas masks are suddenly starting to look real good.
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    Yes those badgers do stink. I think it is because they fight with skunks allot. Thats just my experience anyway, i have seen them throwing snow on top of a dead skunks. I do not think they like the stink either.
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    We don't want no badgers,
    We don't have NO STINKING BADGERS!

    (Sorry dudes I couldn't help myself)