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I've been a member of the OFCC for two years, and they have really been hammering on this day and night. They hated to see the bill get watered down, so they basically scrubbed it before any more ridiculous changes could be made.
The 2 major hurdles are the FOP and the Police Chief's Union. They are really making it harder than it should be.
Taft is pretty much gonna have to sign the bill when it crosses his desk, or the House will stop anything Taft tries to get done.

I hate the win-lose-win-lose thing, too. They have really made a mountain out of an anthill on this issue. But, I think this year's bill will most likely pass. It won't come until October, but it stands the best chance of any of passing. The license fee hasn't been determined, but should be in the $50-100 range. The classroom/range time has yet to be set in stone, too, but should be 16 hours for classroom and 16 on the range. They're trying to decide if the permits will be weapon-specific or not.

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Recently there has been an apathy amongst concealed carry supporters due to misleading information in the news. Some individuals have gone so far as to inappropriately suggest that "there won't be legislation introduced in 2003".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry has been informed by Senator Lynn Wachtmann that he has distributed a memorandum to all Ohio Senators asking them to become co-sponsors of the first concealed carry bill to be introduced in the 125th General Assembly, and in the Ohio Senate. The task at hand is to acquire co-sponsors to the legislation as quickly as possible.

Historically, the legislation introduced in the Senate did not represent the concerns that Ohioans For Concealed Carry and other organizations have raised. Therefore, we are simply advocating the solicitation of co-sponsors and not necessarily endorsing the language in a bill we have clearly not even reviewed. It is our experience and expectation that any legislation introduced dealing with Concealed Carry will receive significant review and consideration in committee, and we reserve the right to judge the bill at a later date.

We are asking you to help us distribute this information to everyone you possibly know. Please take five minutes of your time to determine exactly who your Senator is, and then contact them by telephone IMMEDIATELY even if you're reading this in the middle of the night. Every law maker in Columbus has a voice mail system, and you can leave them a message twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With a deadline of THURSDAY it is important to call them RIGHT NOW, no matter what time it is.

The purpose of your call is simple:

Tell your State Senator that you want them to co-sponsor Senator Lynn Wachtmann's concealed carry legislation BEFORE THURSDAY, and tell them that Concealed Carry reform IS a priority to you.

The deadline to become a co-sponsor on this legislation is Thursday, and that is why making these calls fast is so important. You should make it clear to whomever you speak to that you know the deadline is Thursday, and you want them to act quickly to avoid the deadline.

Step 1

Note: Your Senate District may have changed on January 1st, 2003 due to re-districting. If you THINK you know what Senate District you live in, you may wish to confirm with our website, the State of Ohio website, or your local elections office.

Determine exactly who your Senator is by visiting and entering your address information in the upper right hand corner of our website. You'll see an area in the right margin that is very obvious. Once you determine who your Senator is, refer to the list below for your Senator's telephone number and CALL them. Remember: EMAIL IS SIMPLY NOT GOING TO WORK THIS TIME.

Although our system allows you to email your Senator & Representative, please do not utilize that feature for this purpose today. The only way for us to make a significant grassroots response in this effort is to generate an extremely large amount of telephone calls in under 48 hours.

Step 2

Call your Senator RIGHT NOW at one of these telephone numbers. You will notice that there are SIX Senators who we have excluded from this list including Senators Wachtmann (sponsor), Blessing, Amstutz, Carey, Mumper, and Schuler.

We have been informed that these Senators have already become co-sponsors, and we do not wish to bother these Senators with needless telephone calls. They are busy dealing with other issues and have already agreed to become co-sponsors. If this is your Senator, you should focus on getting other individuals you know to call their Senators.

Step 3

Forward this email on to everyone you know who lives in Ohio and wants to see concealed carry reform passed into law in Ohio. Remember, we have LESS THAN TWO DAYS to complete this task, and the idea is to get as many co-sponsors on this legislation as possible.


The numbers shown below are accurate as of January 21st, 2003 and may be more accurate than the numbers shown on our website due to the election of new Senators in 2003. We will be promptly updating our website with this information. You will find that approximately six of these Senators telephone numbers can not be found on the State website either, so refer to this list when making your calls:

Number / Name / Party / District

( sponsor )...Lynn R. Wachtmann R-1st
614/466-8060...Randy Gardner R-2nd
614/466-8064...David Goodman R-3rd
614/466-8072...Scott R. Nein R-4th
614/466-6247...Tom Roberts D-5th
614/466-4538...Jeff Jacobson R-6th
( do not call )...Robert Schuler R-7th
( do not call )...Louis W. Blessing R-8th
614/466-5980...Mark L. Mallory D-9th
614/466-3780...Steve Austria R-10th
614/466-5204...Teresa Fedor D-11th
614/466-7584...Jim Jordan R-12th
614/644-7613...Jeffry J. Armbruster R-13th
614/466-8082...Doug White R-14th
614/466-5131...Ray Miller D-15th
614/466-5981...Steve Stivers R-16th
( do not call )...John Carey R-17th
614/644-7718...Robert A. Gardner R-18th
614/466-8086...Bill Harris R-19th
614/466-8076...James E. Carnes R-20th
614/466-4857...C. J. Prentiss D-21st
( do not call )...Ron Amstutz R-22nd
614/466-5123...Daniel R. Brady D-23rd
614/466-8056...Robert F. Spada R-24th
614/466-4583...Eric D. Fingerhut D-25th
( do not call )...Larry A. Mumper R-26th
614/466-4823...Kevin Coughlin R-27th
614/466-7041...Leigh E. Herington D-28th
614/466-0620...Kirk Schuring R-29th
614/466-6508...Gregory L. DiDonato D-30th
614/466-5838...Jay Hottinger R-31st
614/466-7182...Marc Dann D-32nd
614/466-8285...Robert F. Hagan D-33rd

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I volunteered to work a few gun shows this year. If enough people push, this bill can pass by October. It'd be pretty cool to give yourself a CCW permit for Christmas, eh?:)

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Lord knows Ohio needs the money. Stupid Taft misses the point on the CCW issue. It'll generate a lot of money for the state and he won't have to raise taxes or cut important programs to find the money...:mad:

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Taft is the lesser of the two evils, but not by much! At least we knew where Hagen stood!

Why doesn't Kentucky slide into Tennessee? Because Ohio sucks..
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