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To yours truly: From Sen. Teresa Fedor Assistant Minority whip!

Dear Mr. Hall,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the proposed CCW legislation. Currently the bill has passed through the Ohio House, and is now being heard in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. This committee is chaired by Senator Steve Austria. You may veiw the bill online at
At this site you can veiw the entire bill, and the status of the bill, and also the analysis of the bill.

I have kept, and continue to keep an open mind about CCW legislation. When the time comes for me to consider this bill in committee, as well as the senate floor, I will take into consideration the best interests of my constituents.

Thank you for taking the time to share with me your support for CCW. I appreciate any and all feedback from my constituents regarding current legislation.

Teresa Fedor
State Senator
11th District
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