oil is up again><

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  1. I just saw a report on fox news that crude oil is now $125.95 a barrel. They also said that gas is now over 4 dollars a gallon across the board and that diesle is about 5 dollars. I get that countries like china and india are expanding but how can gas begoing up this fast?
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    All I know is I'd be real nervous right now if I was a politician. Guess they should have been more concerned about stuff other than baseball players using steroids.

    They got no plan.....NO PLAN.

  3. lol thier plan is the same one they have always had. Pass the blame and stick their head in the sand hoping it goes away.
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    The Bush/Chaney team have lots of oil stock,no sweat.
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    We can thank the falling dollar.
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    Yes, but the dollar is falling because our U.S. Treasury continues to print worthless paper without gold or silver to back it up.
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    One reason,but why would they do that?:thinking:
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    Keep the DOW up, and economy from collapsing quickly.....one of their "emergency rate cuts" actually kept the DOW from tumbling a while back. But we're just putting more cards on top of the stack with this strategery--this results in increased debt (which is the major threat), falling dollar, and, to a lesser extent, higher inflation (primary cause being energy prices).
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    I wonder how it will be 6 months from now when product prices catch up with fuel prices and folks have maxed their credit cards out?:scratchchin: