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  1. Paper

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    Ok.. Now AIM has done it's best to hook me again..

    So, If I bought the complete lower and upper as shown below, I'm guessing that the only other items I'd need is a handle/sight and a stock? Would there be anything else I'd need to shoot this weapon (short of ammo):09:..

    Here's what I'm looking at..

    Complete lower AIM CMMG MOD4SA AR15 .223/5.56x45 Lower Receiver with Internals CMMG MOD4SA AR15 .223/5.56x45 Lower Receiver with Internals

    And my choice of 16" or 20" upper (I'm thinking going the 20" to be different)

    16" upper AIM CMMG .223/5.56x45 AR15 Mid Length 16" Complete Upper Half CMMG .223/5.56x45 AR15 Mid Length 16" Complete Upper Half

    20" upper AIM CMMG .223/5.56x45 AR15 Government 20" Complete Upper Half CMMG .223/5.56x45 AR15 Government 20" Complete Upper Half

    And while I'm at it..
    Handle/rear sight AIM Command Arms AR15/M16 Removable Carry Handle Command Arms AR15/M16 Removable Carry Handle

    And AIM AR15/M16 T6 6-Position Collapsible Stock AR15/M16 T6 6-Position Collapsible Stock

    I figure I'd be looking at $800 before shipping. As luck would have it, I have a person who's well aquainted at the assembly of them to assist slapping it together (he doesn't know I'm even looking right now)

    But again, with these items, would I have a complete rifle?

    Sorry for asking this again, but like I said, I'm learning.:09:
  2. yeah that should cover it

  3. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Cool! Since you're 20 minutes from AIM, would you run up there and go get the stuff for me? :09:

    Order placed.. Came to $810 after shipping, and I grabbed a couple mags while I was at it..

    Now to let my dealer know it's coming, and let my future father-in-law know I'll need assembly help..

    So much for my $600 Stimulus check, eh??

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm still listening!!!

    Oh, and I went with the 20" barrel. My concerns about the little 11.5" barrel on the Bushmaster I was looking at helped with the decision to go with the longer barrel, since both the 20 and the 16" were the same price.
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  4. Looks like a fun set up. We need pics when you get it.
  5. at4rxj

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    Let me know how that CAA carry handle works.

    If you don't like the stock, send it back and order one from Armalite. They have a mil-spec kit for $55. Pred and I have both ordered them. The ones I ordered were phenomenal.
  6. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    I'll toss some pics up and let you know how everything works. The order's been accepted and my dealer's sent in his FFL for the transfer, so all should be good.

    Now for it to arrive and to be able to slap it all together.
  7. Paper you did save some money and please do put up some Pic's later. Congrats !!!
  8. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Thanks AH!!
    I must have purchased the only 20" upper they had. I now see the only barrel on the site is the 16".:bigeyes:

    I hope it's the special one..:09:
  9. AKHunter

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    You'll need a magazine or two to help feed that ammo .
  10. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Yep.. I ordered 2 thirty rounders with the rest of the stuff.:) $10 each. I'm sure I'll grab a few more at local shows.
  11. Pred

    Pred Guest

    Paper, how much did you spend on that upper? What are the spec? I can't get the info to come up now. What twist rate is the barrel, 1x7 or 1x9? Chrome lined?
  12. Be careful with the magazines... there's actually a place in Oconomowoc, WI that makes and sells AR magazines... LaBelle Industries. Magazines are the life of the AR, you may want to pay a little to get better magazines. Most can be found through GunBroker.com Online Gun Auction
  13. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    The specs are the same as the 16", with a 1-7 twist and chrome lined, and the same price, also at $499.65 (with one cent shipping). It's their 20" government upper. As far as the very tight rate of twist, I'm aware it's going to want heavier weight bullets. I plan on feeding it 55 grain or more.. I do have around 400 rounds of 40 grain HP's loaded, but they're for tossing through my Winchester Model 70 Westerner, which I've owned for 20 years. It's slow twist rate (1-14 if I remember correctly) likes the thin bullets, but still spits the 55 grain rounds just fine, also.


    Larry, thanks for the info and I'll keep an eye out for the LeBelle mags. Or, I'll ride over and pick some up from them in person if possible. Always looking for a reason to ride motorcycle, too.. Isn't that the location of the recent Cabela's, also?
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  14. oejeffrey

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    Hey paper you are going to use a 55 grain bullet with a 1 in7 twist ?? I have a kreiger barrel with a 1 in 7 twist and I feed her nothing but 69 grain and above. My favorites are the Sierra 77 grain Hollow point boat tail match bullets. That puts me good out to 800 or a 1000 yards.
    I Definitely do not mean to preach or critize and perhaps Pred could share some more light on the subject but I think that if you plan on shooting those out past 200 yards or so those 55ers will become unstable.:feedback:
  15. No, the Cabela's is north of Milwaukee. I'm not sure if LaBelle's is still producing magazines... but if you can find them, they are of high quality. Some say LE Only... but they are all available.

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  16. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    For plinking I'll be shooting typical 55 gr. FMJ crap, but I do plan on hand loading some heavy bullet rounds that the barrel is designed for.
  17. Pred

    Pred Guest

    1x7 twist = 55gr - 77gr
    1x9 twist = 55gr - 62gr
  18. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    That's right where I'll be..
    Again, thanks everyone for the info on this weapon!!

    As I mentioned, I've never fired an AR, even though I've been shooting for 37 years, and I currently have rifles from 300 Win Mag to .17 HMR..

    It's kinda like getting to start shooting all over again, and I'm looking forward to time with this rifle..

    Of course, I have almost a dozen rifles that I haven't shot yet..:34:

    Also, I was thinking about one of these mounts.. A place for a laser or something, and the price seems right.. Any thoughts??

    AIM Famous Maker M4 Front Sight Tri-Rail Mount Famous Maker M4 Front Sight Tri-Rail Mount


    Got a call from AIM today, and the 20" uppers are on backorder (of course)..

    I could wait 10+ days, or take a 16" today at a slightly reduced cost.

    I took the smaller upper.. At least this way I'm still getting the full 16" of barrel, and they'll ship it tomorrow.. I guess in reality, I was going to be shooting this at 250 yards and under and mostly around 100 yards, so the extra sight radius wouldn't be that big of an issue.

    (see how I justify everything to myself?)

    Anyway, I'm still anxious for this new weapon!!
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  19. huck

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    $810 is a good price for all that. Nice job.
  20. oejeffrey

    oejeffrey G&G Newbie

    We are all dying for some pics when everything shows up, when you are putting her together and when she is complete. Kind of like being the Dad in the delivery room and taking picts of your wifes....:34:errr well never mind.
    Hey we would love picts!!!!!!!!