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Ok, Gentlemen. Time to start your brains. QUIZ!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by leemozoid, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. leemozoid

    leemozoid G&G Newbie

    Howdy, folks. Time to tax your brains and research capabilities. I have two questions concerning this part.

    1. On which part of the US Rifle, Cal. .30 M1 does this marking appear.

    2. What manufacturer and era is this part from?

    The winner becomes the "king of the hill" and is responsible for posting the next quiz.

    Those more experienced collectors among you I ask to email me your answer at to allow the newer collectors to learn and play.


  2. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Well seeing it is a 14 and the 1 comes before the 4, this says allot. First it isn't 41 we all know that and it is 14 It is also on a gray surface not black............. Ahhhh heck I dont know what it is hehehehe. One more hint please. Rick B
  3. That stamp is on a barrel.
  4. leemozoid

    leemozoid G&G Newbie

    Sorry, not a part of the barrel. Try again.:(
  5. flyboy1592

    flyboy1592 G&G Newbie

    is it on the op. rod ?
  6. leemozoid

    leemozoid G&G Newbie

    No, sir. Not on the op rod. Try again. :(
  7. The number is on the kanooten valve.
  8. leemozoid

    leemozoid G&G Newbie

    Nope. Not a kanooten valve. This part predates the kanooten's introduction during the widget upgrade cycle.

    Guess you guys just aren't too keen for this type of quiz yet. Do you want to see any others?

    FYI this # is on a no-revision, SA gas trap bolt. Supposition is that this may be something to do with the SN of the rifle to which it was assigned but I don't think it's a model shop part. Here's the rest of the bolt. The "WD" is really cool. I've NEVER seen this on any other bolt, gas trap or gas port era.