Ok its not Christmas but its still a good joke.

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    Ok its not Christmas but its still a good joke.

    Signs You Are Going to Have a Rec.Guns Christmas

    *Wondering if an H&K MP5K will fit in your stocking.

    *Attempting to convince family that a progressive loading press really is
    "the gift that keeps on giving."

    *Alphabetized Christmas-card list begins with "Ayoob, M."

    *Working up a recipe for "+P+" eggnog.

    *"Guns" and "Ammo" appear among your requested gifts--and we're not
    talking a measly magazine subscription here.

    *Neckties available in wool, silk, polyester....What, no Kevlar?

    *This year's Christmas lights: Aimpoint red and Trijicon green.

    *Use finally found for distant relative's annual gift of fruitcake--in
    your terminal-ballistics testing. ("Against bullets of conventional
    design, it's roughly equivalent to Threat-Level II body armor.)"

    *Q: "Honey, what's that cologne you like so much?" A: "Hoppe's #9."

    *Holiday dessert treats made with ballistic gelatin.

    *An annual concern: "If a fat old guy with a sleigh and eight reindeer
    can penetrate my home's security perimeter undetected, what else are we
    vulnerable to?"

    *Children stay up to await the approach of Santa's sleigh, watching the
    skies through a 50x spotting scope.

    *Your tree's ornaments have all been NP3'd.

    *Realization that Santa Claus is not a Class III dealer forces a drastic
    revision of your Christmas list.